Instagram returns to its chronological feed

The most popular social network Instagram is back to its chronological feed again. The head of the social web Adam Mosseri announced at a hearing in the US Senate, December 8, where he answered the questions about the kid’s protection on the Internet.

In 2016 Instagram suddenly refused the chronological feed, in which all messages were ordered the posting time, forming the algorithms depending on users’ preferences.

The head of the network wasn’t able to call the exact date for its return but noted that the company is now targeting the first quarter of 2022.

Instagram has been very actively installing new platform features lately.

And recently it revealed a parental control function, including the ability to delete photos, likes, and comments left by teenagers.

Also, the network started the testing of a new function- swiping stories up and down like in TikTok. Previously, emoji reactions were opened with such a swipe. Users found such innovation uncomfortable and unnatural.

Everyone used to swipe the stories horizontally. But the experience shows that it just takes time. Few weeks of practicing and no one will remember that it was different. Now only some users have this option.

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