In terms of expressiveness and complexity of plots, games are no longer inferior to cinema — and some of them also actively use cinematic techniques. Today, we have collected interactive adventure games that push the boundaries between movies and video games: from hardcore detectives to hipster indie time-travel drama. The plot of each of the decision based games on PC will simply amaze your mind.

Top Interactive Games

Life Is Strange Series

Life Is Strange Series

The series of interactive video games, and especially the first season, can be safely called the headliner among the games that have passed even those who are extremely far from gaming leisure. It isn’t so difficult to unravel the code of success: the original game is a nostalgic series with a tragic love story (sister or romantic, at the discretion of the player), a detective plot and a grain of paranormal abilities. What else do you need?

The coastal town of Arcadia Bay, the student campus, mysterious murders and girlish secrets hidden in the lockers of the corridor. The game made it possible to probe the recognizable paths of university dramedies from the inside. In addition, with each new scene, to doubt the correctness of the decisions made and from time to time to roll back to find out “what will happen if…”

In the fall of this year, the third season of the series will be released, which will complement this series of the best interactive video games, with the subtitle True Colors from the developers of Before the Storm: this time the heroine will empathically feel the emotional state of other people.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn

All trails of slashers in one bottle came to life in this best interactive game, the creators of which -— a small studio at that time Supermassive Games — found a gold mine by playing on genre expectations.

Perhaps, while watching horror films, everyone involuntarily shouted: “don’t go to the basement!”, “Run!”, “Hide!” — and gave other recommendations for the intimidated teenagers on the screen.

Here the player can decide for himself what to do with each of the characters, as a result, either everyone will survive, or no one will see the glow of the desired dawn. As for the algorithms of fear, he shamelessly uses screamers, like many other good interactive games, shaking the player’s nervous system: long episodes of wandering around the house, forest or even a psychiatric hospital are replaced by sharp dynamic scenes.

You will have to fight everyone, from serial killers to ghosts: the creators used the principle of “everything and more.” Movie fans will delight familiar faces who have moved into the virtual world using motion capture technology — the player has the opportunity to play as Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek or actress Hayden Panettiere, as well as chat with Peter Stromare.

Replaying the game will probably not be as interesting as playing for the first time, but still in a large company — changing characters allows for a collective experience. This is what distinguishes the game from other interactive novel games, because here you can try to play as other characters and get used to their role to the fullest.

Wolf Among Us

Wolf Among Us

Noir detective story about a world with a little like a fairy tale zombie interactive story, in which the heroes of famous fairy tales escaped from their stories and settled in an unpleasant district of New York — Fabletown.

Snow White is in charge of the papers, the Little Mermaid is dancing a striptease, Bluebeard has remained a gloomy rich man with secrets, yesterday’s trolls now keep bars. However, all non-humans need to drink a special means to keep their human form.

What other cool interactive games have you ever seen such an incredible storyline and characters? You have hardly seen something like this.

And the Big Gray Wolf got a job as the sheriff of Fabletown – and this despite the fact that many residents still remember his old fabulous sins. It is in his shoes (sometimes literally) that the player will have to investigate a dark case: two decapitated bodies of girls were found in the district, and serious mystical forces are behind these murders. Moreover, what the Wolf will be – a sociopathic detective or a courteous servant of the law – depends solely on your decisions. With a unique storyline that is getting more addicting by the minute, incredible character stories and incredible details, you just have to start playing this game!

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

One of the most spectacular interactive PC games, to some extent, has remained the most variable (at least for the finals): David Cage worked on bugs after the release of Fahrenheit, and the game at the time of release became a full-fledged example of the genre. More recently, the game was again paid attention: in 2019, the release of the variation on PC took place — the reviews were mixed, as well as the assessment by the test of time. On the one hand, what at the beginning of the 10s was unanimously recognized as a masterpiece, today it seems simple, including at the plot level.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that if you have managed to avoid spoilers so far, then the game will surprise you today.

In any case, this is a great interactive experience for fans of “True Detective”, “Sharp Objects” or, say, the recent “Meyer of Easttown”. The rainy season, missing children and a mysterious serial killer — origami master.

The creators left all the key elements of the genre, and most importantly, allowed to see the story from different angles. The player will have to conduct an investigation on behalf of several characters at once. From a private detective to the father of the missing boy, and each of them can both retire from the investigation and find the key to the clue.

Tales From the Borderlands

Tales From the Borderlands

Another game by Telltale studio — one of the main ambassadors of interactive cinema and authors of the same Wolf Among Us and other fun interactive games. They generally like to work under someone else’s licenses, invent new stories based on existing universes. And this game is a kind of spin-off of the Borderlands’ shooter series, which tells about the adventures of new heroes after the defeat of Handsome Jack at the end of the second part.

The game captures well the peculiar humor and aesthetics of the original Borderlands. But adds a more thoughtful and complex story on top (though the narrative is much freer in the shooters of the main line of the series), with unexpected twists and, as usual, difficult moral choices. In fact, this interactive game is so good that it’s hard to believe that this is just a spin-off, and besides, it wasn’t made by the people who came up with the franchise.

Surely with these descriptions of free interactive story games you have already got great motivation to find and download these games. We recommend downloading at least one and of course watching the thrillers of interactive story games. We are sure that you will never regret it. Just get started!

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