Inventive Concept Mouse

The company Xtreme Performance Gear a new model of the inventive concept mouse at the CES 2022. The invention has the high-speed 1TB SSD that is built into the device. Through the specially created application XPG, the players can get access to the games, stored on the wired mouse. All detailed information will appear at the beginning of 2022 exactly before the release.

The gaymers will have the opportunity to store the game library along with the mouse and move it around as they want. Now they don’t have to store games on other media. This is a very useful invention. Many students will simplify their studying process by using disk space to transfer documentation or projects.

There is no news about the availability of other tiers of storage and the option to update. There is also no data about the SSD, but the fact is that it was produced by ADATA. The Taiwanese memory and solid-state drive company.

The company representatives noted that the mouse is planned to connect to other devices using the USB Type-C connector. Many users and experts have already appreciated the new model. It is convenient to carry only a computer mouse instead of an additional external disk.

So, what do you think about the invention? Which price will you propose for it? Leave the comments below!

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