In April, another cyber attack on Israel was carried out by Iran. According to local media reports, pumping stations and computer water quality control systems were hit.

One of the hackers’ targets was to raise the chlorine levels in the water entering homes. In this regard, Israeli water companies were instructed by the Anti-Cyber Threats Headquarters to immediately change passwords to the control systems of water intake and treatment plants. Particular emphasis was placed on water chlorination systems. If it is impossible to change the password, it was recommended to disconnect the system from the Internet.

The Cyber Threats Control Headquarters and water resources management officially confirmed the attack. They reported that the attack was repelled and had no impact on water supplies to consumers. But Tehran still denies the accusations of its involvement in the cyber attack. The Iranian side also has not commented in any way on the Israeli hacker attack on Shahid Raji port in May.

During quarantine measures imposed in response to the pandemic, even a temporary shortage of water could cause very serious harm to citizens. But such significant damage was avoided because the attack was spotted on time.

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