It is difficult to argue with the fact that Fortnite is one of the most relevant games today. Its release took place at the end of 2017, and the number of players exceeded the mark of 79 million users already in 9 months. This is a very serious indicator of any game.

Each project has a peak of popularity, and it seems that Fortnite has already experienced it. However, at the moment, the game has not reached its peak of popularity. But is it true that Fortnite is dying? We want to discuss this question in this article and consider the loss of Fortnite’s popularity, which is associated with unsuccessful solutions of developers, and negative perception of the game in the gaming community.

Is Minecraft More Popular than Fortnite?

Is fortnite dying

We will not answer this question but only draw an analogy. A few years ago, many players said that Minecraft was a children’s game and expressed a lot of hate for it. However, after a while, people started playing it and saying that it is better than a lot of other games. Fortnite can expect such a development too. What is becoming very popular will always find a lot of hate in its address because many people need to express their opinion about the game and say that it is a game for children.

The game is very popular among school-age children who like to repeat the dancing from the game and ask for game currency to buy different content in the store. Because of this, Fortnite has acquired the image of a children’s game, and as is known, children are cruel and tend to express their negative emotions as soon as possible. If suddenly the game reaches a stage where it begins to lose its popularity, it will be associated with the hate around it.

Is Fortnite Losing Popularity?

Is Fortnite losing popularity

The answer to this question is not very appealing to those who do not play the game or do not like it. In 2018, YouTube and Twitch had a lot of content that is associated with the game. The problem began to appear after that. Because of the huge amount of content, there are a lot of click bates and viral content. Fortnite took exactly this form and started to spread as fast as the virus that we all know about. People who see this advertising everywhere feel that they are being imposed some new trend that they do not like. It forms a negative association with the game, and people may already dislike the game, even if they did not play it.

The project works in two directions. Developers create a lot of pleasant and interesting things for those who play the game and prolong the game through haters all over the Internet at the same time. Such an outcome is always expected by a popular project. In the current realities, the game developers it is advantageous that their project is loved and hated because they talk about it, so more people can start playing it.

So, Is Fortnite Starting to Die?

Now the game is very stable and has a huge fan base. Those people who came because of the popularity have left the game with people who love it and spend a huge number of hours on the battlefield.

Will Fortnite die in the future? This is just a dream of the haters, which will not come true. Developers invest a lot of effort into a unique project that is not afraid of competition. Building mechanics is a strong point of the game, and the battle pass brings a lot of money and leaves many players in the network. Tournaments are developing and allow any player to earn money right from home, and it is very unique and easy. Fortnite is with us for a long time!

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