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Every time when the thought comes to us that games have become of poor quality nowadays, there are people who answer: these aren’t games that have become worse, but you just have grown old and don’t like to play anymore. Is PC gaming dying? Maybe PC gaming is on the rise? We will show another side of this situation, which will show you what is really happening. Here are six reasons why modern gaming is dying.

Is the Gaming Industry Dying: The Reasons

is pc gaming dying

“The Game Isn’t Working”

“Bugs” and “glitches”, that is, serious and not very flaws, have been in the games since the day they were created. Serious flaws could be found only under a very strange set of circumstances in the game, and some “bloopers” even turned into a component of game mechanics. This is one of the reasons why PC gaming is dead. For example, the combination of strikes in Street Fighter was initially considered a flaw of the programmers – according to the original idea, the fighters shouldn’t have the opportunity to “smash” the opponent without the slightest opportunity to counterattack. So PC gaming is on the rise? Unfortunately, no.

But in most modern games, “glitches” don’t come in handy at all, but simply prove that even with ready-made tools (no one has been writing game engines or a physical model for each new game for a long time), developers release games as quickly as possible, and don’t care about quality, which leads to unpleasant sensations for gamers, and accordingly to PC gaming is dying. At best, we get a gluttonous monster (GTA 4), at worst – graphics and gameplay defects that are incompatible with a normal game. Sometimes all this is repaired with patches, as is the case in Battlefield, sometimes it is left as it is: this is what happened with The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, for example. Everyone has already heard about the “exploits” of Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

Free-to-Play – Really Pay to Win

Probably the most dastardly quality of the modern gaming industry is to produce “free” ones, in which you have to pay for every sneeze or suffer because of the curtailed opportunities of “unpaid” players and always lose in a battle with those who have invested in real cool guns, engines and superpowers money. Accordingly, many players lose interest at this moment, and as a result – PC gaming is dying. In an atmosphere where you can get an advantage over competitors for money, cheating (exploitation of game vulnerabilities) is encouraged, and the prestige of the gaming series itself suffers, just like PC gaming is dead.

But the scheme “the first dose is free” justifies itself – thus the game brings a lot of money, much more than the full version immediately and at a high price. Developers of free-to-play games have even divided their audience into several types, and “milked” money out of each on an individual basis. Are there alternatives to this dastardly type of game? Yes, but they won’t be lies anyway. Is the gaming industry dying because of this? Yes, because not everyone has the ability and eagerness to pay for a regular game.

Add-Ons, Premium Edition, Season Pass

An alternative to microtransactions is the sale of games for big money “piece by piece.” The idea, of course, was a sensible one – not to release the game “once and for all”, but to improve it after some time. So that there was a reason to return to your favorite characters, to get carried away with the network game again, to find out new details of the plot. As you understand, this isn’t at all the case. And this too can prove that “is PC gaming dying?”.

But expectation differs from reality, your know-how. Therefore, the developers went from the opposite – the players get a stripped-down game with the shortest possible plot, a couple of “diggers” – acting characters in multiplayer and generally at the minimum, a little better than in the demo version. And the full-fledged game is now called the “Premium Edition” – it has everything that the creators wanted to implement initially. As in the previous paragraph, players with a full package have superiority here. Therefore, here we can see why PC gaming is dying.

Games That Cannot Be Played

You can swing the Dark Souls and ARMA trilogy as much as you want – these games have become a sensation and an exception to the rule because they don’t forgive the mistakes, tomfoolery, and naivety of the players. The notorious eight-bit games of the 1990s, which, as it seemed then, were simplified for children, didn’t curry favor with the players and didn’t spare them, like the current serious shooters, racing, and other stealth action games. Oddly enough, and this leads to the fact that PC gaming is dead. Today, in such games, you can make mistake after mistake – computer dummies forgive and forget everything, and the developers will always “spread a straw”, even if the player manages to go nuts because of the “crooked hands”.

“Come here, use your machine gun to shoot at your enemies! Use the wheels to drive your car! ”- earlier it was an exaggeration and a joke, but today there are checkpoints and autosave every 5 minutes (what if you save yourself in a bad place and, God forbid, start the level again?). Health regeneration and cozy shelters from enemies, tips and “achievements” for each step passed, as for a baby, surprise no one. Is gaming dying here? Again, you have to answer unequivocally yes. And this is for a good reason. Such help kills the interest, which makes it no longer interesting to play. Now games in which you need to think a lot and, in principle, strain your brain are more appreciated.

QTE – Press X to Win

Games have developed so much that they will soon surpass the cinema in terms of entertainment and elaboration of the script (this isn’t a compliment to the cinema, but vice versa), so it isn’t surprising that they are intermediate in mechanics… gizmos appear. But here, too, you can see the PC gaming dead trend.

Quick Time Events or QTE is a greeting from the past, from games of the genre of “interactive cinema”. This is when the developers create the illusion that the viewer in real-time decides the fate of the main characters in the movie. Especially such entertainments were popular at the dawn of the invention of compact discs – there were even films in which at a certain period it was possible to choose whether the main character would die in the next scene or be saved. Depending on the option chosen, the laser jumped to different areas of the disc, and the movie was resumed. Is PC gaming dead because of such a simple move in games? Sure.

By themselves, QTEs aren’t evil when they are used in moderation (Fahrenheit, Resident Evil 4), but not when they replace the gameplay – in this case, the players aren’t happy with either the graphics or the plot, and the problem of PC gaming dying appears. Simply because you no longer feel like a player, but a spectator of a movie, who sometimes has to press the keys on the remote control from the video player. Ryse: Son of Rome and Until Dawn has experienced this to the fullest.

Is the Gaming Industry Dying Because of Farming?

pc gaming is dead

For some, such a remark will be an attempt on the holy of holies, because from some positions farming looks like polishing of gaming skills and one of the foundations of MMORPG (multiplayer online role-playing games). Therefore, if you are interested in “is gaming dying” then this is confirmation of that.

But this is only a pleasant illusion because skill leveling is a process in which you turn the game inside out and become a “universal fighter” who knows the strengths and weaknesses of each playable faction and character and knows how to act in an optimal, fast and short way thanks to this knowledge. And farming is a forced routine, playing with below-average pleasure, which leads to the fact that gaming is dying.

Just walk around and do the same tasks hundreds of times in a row. You kill the same enemies. Repeat the same steps. Someone even likes this pastime, because after all you play, while in a very comfortable, predictable atmosphere: you can “turn off your brain” and kill your free hours from work or study, and with this, it happens that PC gaming is dying.

Thanks for reading the article on why PC gaming is dying. We believe this industry can only be saved if true PC video game fans can defend their side and prove to others that these games have a lot more to show. Surely few of us want to hear the question is PC gaming dead. That is why everything needs to be fixed!

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