James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope has fortunately been launched on December 25 morning. In 2002 it was renamed in honor of the second head of Nasa, James Webb, at the time of the Apollo program. NASA has corrected the flight course.

The final destination of the development is located one million miles from the Earth. In six months it will make the first photo of the space. The whole way will take 29 days. Along the way, the spacecraft slowly turns and transforms to reach the final configuration. This process is absolutely necessary to observe the space.

There are hundreds of steps and many times when the unright use can jeopardize the entire mission. The invention will help scientists to learn more information about the cosmic phenomena and the origins of the universe. The cosmic history will be discovered not only from our solar system but also in distant galaxies.

The administrator of NASA described the launching in order to move us forward in the future. JWST is about 22 meters by 12 meters. It is the most expensive and advanced telescope in the world ever built. Nearly in 6 months, the telescope will send its first images.

Have you heard about this news? What do you think we will see in the pictures? Leave the comments below!

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