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The pharmaceutical giant plans to start clinical trials on a vaccine. More than $1 billion will be invested in developing in September and they will receive all necessary approvals before next year. Johnson & Johnson will expand their production capacity which will allow them to quickly establish mass production of the vaccine. The company expects to produce the first billion doses in a matter of months immediately after receiving FDA approval.

Johnson & Johnson one of the largest players in public health has announced that they will accelerate the creation of a vaccine against coronavirus. According to the updated schedule, human trials will begin in September and the results will be processed by the end of 2020. This will make it possible to start using the vaccine as early as 2021. Johnson & Johnson planned to launch clinical trials in November.

Johnson & Johnson has been working on a vaccine against COVID-19 since January according to Business Insider. Researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center are cooperating with the company and the project is financially supported by the Biomedical Office for Advanced Research and Development (BARDA). Johnson & Johnson has already invested over $1 billion in vaccine development in total.

Johnson & Johnson representatives point out that the standard term for the new vaccine development is 5-7 years. This is followed by a regulatory approval process. However, in emergency situations such as the Coronavirus pandemic, the entire cycle from early research to approval can be reduced to a year.

Johnson & Johnson’s main goal is to make the product available to the general public. That is why the vaccine will be produced on a non-profit basis.

Meanwhile, some researchers believe that some protection against COVID-19 can be provided by tuberculosis vaccination. An experiment being run in Australia to check this. 4,000 health professionals will receive TB vaccination and scientists will estimate the percentage of those infected and the severity of their symptoms a few weeks later.

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