Phasmophobia`s new update

Kinetic Games has released a fresh update for the co-op horror game Phasmophobia, dubbed Cursed Possessions. The most important is to add cursed objects in places where ghosts haunt.

Using each object will help show more information about the ghost, or, conversely, will make him angry.

The update also tweaked the ghosts themselves. From now on, they are much easier to identify. In addition, some types received new abilities, passives, and other improvements. And along with the update, a new ghost Mimic came to the game.

Phasmophobia has new magazine bookmarks, seasonal decorations, footsteps sounds, additional Ouija questions, and more.

The game got an instant explosion in popularity among streamers, bloggers, and ordinary players. Everyone who is even a little interested in the genre speaks about the game. And the reason for this success is not at all the opportunity to play with friends. The developers have competently approached the mechanics themselves, creating perhaps the most unique horror of recent years. The essence of the game is to find the lair of the ghost and determine its type.

Someone sees the players as cash cows, but it doesn’t concern Phasmophobia`s developers. They put their whole soul into the invention of the game and the players feel it from the first minute.

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