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Riot Games, the creators of the League of Legends, very often release updates and new champions, which are often a big problem in raising the rating. Many champions become stronger against the background of those who got the next nerf. Each new champion most often turns out to be OP, which allows boosters to use this and pick up the desired rating points. To move more effectively on the rating ladder, players need to understand the current meta and know all the most lol bans at the pick stage. Experienced players are waiting for the next game, in which opponents will miss one of the top bans of the League. If you pay attention to this and take the pick stage more seriously, you will be able to up much faster. We’ve compiled a lol ban rates list, where we’ll tell you which characters you should afraid of the most.

Most Banned Champions

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Yasuo`s older brother appeared in the game for another Spirit Blossom event. Yone followed his brother’s path and went to mid. His abilities allow him to strongly influence the game and make ganks that can ensure victory on the line for his team. At the moment, this is the most banned champion in the game. 50% of the games do without him, and so will belong. AoE spells and deadly damage have too much effect on the game, so don’t be surprised if nerf falls on him after a while. He has LoL highest ban rate at the moment.


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One of the most dangerous shooters at the moment. The percentage of the ban is 49%, which is very high for the ADC. Caitlyn has a large attack radius, which allows her to easily kill creeps and deal damage on the lane phase. The combination of her abilities deals a lot of damage, and it is difficult to have a successful lane against her. If you play ADC, block or take her. She is one of the most important lol bans.


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Akali has always been dangerous in the hands of an experienced player. Even before her rework, she had a high percentage of lol bans. However, now this number is 46%. Incredible mobility and high burst damage make her a dangerous weapon on the team. It’s better to leave her in the ban so that you will fall prey to an assassin who doesn’t spare anybody on her way.


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This is a very vivid example of how boosters can use a champion to win most games. Since the release, we have seen Zed in the ban. His snowball allows getting ahead so that he doesn`t leave the opponent any chance. Many people spend a lot of time getting the most out of it. He can easily destroy ADC and APC when he understands how to use his skills and advantage. At the moment, his ban rate is 40% of games. He is especially dangerous on Platinum and above, as the players in these groups have a lot of gaming experience and can easily pick up your points.


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Pantheon can move very quickly on the map and has a lot of CC. You should not underestimate his influence on the map. His abilities allow him to rapidly assist his team in killing opponents and objects. The right actions from a player on this champion can deprive you of the victory and the desired rating points. Many players master warrior for a quick rise, so he has one of the LoL highest ban rates. Now, this value reaches 37 percent.


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The strongest support. Very useful control with a huge range. The main feature of Morgana is the shield, which allows you to achieve counter engagement and saves allies from CC. She can also push in the lane phase and be incredibly useful in team fights. It can also be used on the mid-lane and realize her potential even more. The Ban percentage is 35%.



One of the most aggressive champions on the top lane. Experienced players take advantage of the first level. It is very difficult to trade with him on the lane, and if you let him snowball, the game will be over. You can try to resist him, but if you are wrong, the game is likely to be lost. The percentage of the ban at the moment is 34%.



Many agree that this champion must be removed from the Runeterra. Probably, many expected to see him at the top of our list, but the LoL Yasuo ban rate is 30%. He attracts the worst players from your team and the best players from the enemy team. Personally, I main Yasuo and hate when he is banned. I never lose mid, and if I do, this is not my fault. Personally, I play very well on Yasuo and always win on Bronze. And when my opponents have not to Flash, this is easy at all.

If you follow our LoL champion ban rates, you can rank up faster and with less stress.

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