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Many people want to find themselves an interesting hobby, such as playing the guitar. But it is not always possible to study with a teacher or go to a music school. Perhaps they just do not understand the explanation to you. Then in this case you should definitely try guitar learning video games. Do they work? Yes! And there is confirmation of this.

Some people were even able to create their own bands and play a cappella. But even if you want to learn how to play for yourself or your loved ones, thanks to a game to learn guitar, you can easily bring it to life. There are tons of such games in the app store, but not all of them are good. Some are intended for children, others are generally a “guitar simulator”. But we still found the best of all.

The Best Video Games to Learn Guitar

guitar learning games


It’s not just a guitar learning game, there are 4 of them. Each of them is aimed at a specific moment. They will give you the opportunity to learn theory and sheet music, as well as develop your ear and more. The games have:

  • Working with the neck (there are several levels with varying difficulty that will help you determine your knowledge about the neck);
  • Quizzes on the topic of notes (here you have to recognize note symbols);
  • Study of sheet music (you can improve your knowledge of sheet music);
  • Pitch play (this will allow you to better train your ear for music).

We are sure that this has already been able to interest you. Therefore, register and start playing now.


learn guitar game

This video game to learn guitar will help you to better learn and understand the neck because only here there is a suitable trainer for this. You will see a picture on the screen with a musical row (almost a text for a game). There will be a question mark in some places. Your task is to recognize which note should be in its place. If you could answer correctly, go to the next level. It is clear that they will be more difficult each time. But in the end, you will be able to improve your knowledge in this learn guitar game. So switch to it right now and start exercising.


guitar learn game

This game is completely different from all that only exist for training. The learn guitar video game is very similar to Guitar Hero, except that a real guitar will appear here. Here you learn to play directly through song learning. It is clear that if you are a beginner, you will be given fewer notes and easier combinations. And when you can already play freely at this level, you will learn more material and more difficulty. Reviews say that they see the recognition of a song with notes. To avoid this in a learning guitar game, simply plug in via an HDMI audio cable and everything will fall into place. There are no more problems here, so you don’t have to worry about this and download the game.

learn guitar games

As in the first version, this isn’t just a guitar learning video game. There are several of them here, or rather as many as 8. This won’t let you get bored in a game of the same type, where everything is repeated. On the contrary, it will keep you interested in learning. At first glance, they won’t be entirely simple, but even complex.

But it is this fact that will help you acquire and remember new knowledge. If you know practically nothing about playing the guitar, then it will be much more difficult for you. But if you already know a little basic information, then learn guitar games will help you consolidate what you have already learned and improved your guitar playing skills.

We are confident that thanks to at least one of the guitar learning games, you will be able to learn a new special hobby that will add even more to you as you learn some basics of the game. Yes, in the beginning, it can be very difficult, you won’t understand everything. But it just takes a little perseverance to get things going.

Start with the very first game on our list of learning guitar games, which we consider to be the best for learning. If, nevertheless, it doesn’t quite suit you, you can safely move on to others or even combine them. Feel free to experiment and improvise with these games. Perhaps you will even discover a hidden talent?

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