Squid Game in CS

Squid Game is a Korean psychological thriller that has captured trends all over the world. Even if you have not watched this series, you definitely know that its idea lies in the fact that people who really need money got into the game, in which their lives are at stake. One of the most popular games in the series, which began to be introduced into various projects and video games, is Red Light Green Light.

Now you can try this bloody challenge in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with friends and random players. User Ansimist and his small team have created a special map that exactly imitates the Red Light Green Light game. The Source engine was used in the creation, thanks to which the physics and models look very accurate and well optimized. In addition to this challenge, they did two more popular Squid Game challenges: carving Dalgone cookies with a knife and tug-of-war between teams.

Every player can try these challenges and have great fun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive if you want to take a break from standard matches and shootouts.

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