lg dual up

The big corporation LG has released the new device, a special monitor with a 16:18 extension that became absolutely a new format at the market. The development received the name DualUp. The unique aspect ratio gives the opportunity to visually divide the screen in two parts. As a result, you can see more information due to this function.

The display gets the maximum image brightness, contrast. The stand Ergo was created to comfortably install on every area. It helps to save the place on the work surface. Furthermore, the developers explain that the creation has a treatment effect. The special extension counteracts the hurting in the neck, you don’t need to move your head often. Such a device is very comfortable in the editing process. The approximate price hasn`t been known yet.

The company also has announced the new UltraFine display. It is famed for the high maximum brightness and contrast. The device is equipped with an automatic calibration sensor with accurate color reproduction. More information will be available at the beginning of January in the CES 2022 exhibition.

So, what do you think about these developments? Do you want to try a special screen? Write in the comments below!

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