Lickable Screen

The Japanese professor has created a special prototype of the TV screen that can mimic the food flavor, named Test-the-TV. Ten canisters spray the flavor onto a hygienic film. People can lick it while the flavor rolls over. It is a good opportunity for the bakers and sommeliers to practice while remote learning. The price of the TV will probably fluctuate from 800 to 900$. The goal of the project is to help people to taste different dishes while staying at their homes.

In the era of Covid-19, such technology will support society`s connection with the outside world. Also, the creator invented a fork that makes the food more delicious. Some critics expressed their opinion about the development. They didn’t think that it is the right time for developments of this kind. The author tested it with the journalists. One woman asked the screen for chocolate and the device in a few seconds fulfilled the desire.

We especially think that the idea is very interesting. What do those people who can’t go outside but want to eat something special have to do? The creation is useful only in that way when it helps somebody.

What do you think about such an invention? Leave your comment below. We look forward to your opinion!

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