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Now on the net, you can find very different types of games. For example, classic arcade games, survival, strategy, and others. But did you ever know that there are games that teach you to code? Indeed, there are such games, and every year they are more and more popular.

If you are a beginner programmer or want to teach your child new useful features, try these advanced coding games. And so that you don’t wander the Internet in search of that very game, we will show you the best of them, which we also tried to play.

Is It Really Possible to Learn Coding by Playing Games?

This question is very important for those who have set themselves the goal of learning at least one programming language. The answer is YES. Thanks to programmer games, you can improve your knowledge and skills in programming, and in addition, you will be able to find interesting solutions (construction algorithms), and you will also be ready for the most difficult and confusing situations.

It is clear that in addition to these games for programmers, you will also have to read and conduct practical exercises. After all, it is in tandem that these components can give you a very good and quick result.

Although most of the games are aimed at educating children and adolescents, they can also be played by an adult. But if you don’t want to immerse yourself in a cartoonish atmosphere, you can play more serious games for programmers. While playing, you won’t even notice how quickly time flies by and that during this period you have strengthened your knowledge of programming. Let’s highlight these top games.

Top Coding Games

At the very beginning, we want to note that these games that teach coding are aimed at a more adult category of players and students, but children can easily play them.

SQL Murder Mystery

games for programmers

At the beginning of the game, after you have launched it, a small background will appear on the screen, after which you will begin to actively play. This text indicates that the detective requires your help in the investigation of the crime. It happened in SQL City. Then you should get the crime scene report, which is located in the police base. The game started!

As you understand, here you can improve your knowledge of SQL, thanks to which you will find the killer and solve the crime. If you have experience with this type of programming, then it will be easier for you to play. But if you are just a beginner, the game can provide you with a step-by-step guide and helpful tips. Here you can learn more in-depth concepts such as:

  • Primary and foreign keys;
  • Aggregate functions;
  • Working with tables;
  • Wildcards and more.

You can play this game that teaches programming for free right in your browser. You can also save the game if you haven’t finished it yet. And after a while, you will be able to continue playing it from the place where you left off.

Elevator Saga

games for programmer

A very simple but interesting game. Its main purpose is to teach you to understand the basics of JavaScript code. The essence of the game is to design elevators for different numbers of people. Here you can easily learn to code while playing the game Elevator Saga.

You will be presented with about 20 tasks, thanks to which you can easily improve your knowledge of process algorithms, and also help passengers move faster to the floor they need. In addition, you will get an excellent environment for creativity, where you can show your imagination and try different ways of building programs.

By the way, you can also find this game in the browser and play it directly on the site, which significantly reduces the time than when downloading the game itself to a personal computer.


game that teaches coding

This is one of the best and most advanced games that teach you how to code. It already has a higher level, aimed at training future specialists. There are several variations of the games here. You can play this game and control devices in JavaScript as well as C ++! With all this, you can also run it through WebAssembly.

This game appeared for the first time on the network back in 2017, and even after a few years, it has a colossal number of users and fans. She now has a good rating and 91% positive reviews on Steam. Various reviews are also very often made on it, which further help to play the game that teaches coding.

It is worth noting that this game can be purchased on the Steam platform. But before you buy, you can try playing a demo version of it, which can be found on the Internet.


programmer games

This game decently closes our chart of the best games that teach programming. Here the game is gone using the JavaScript programming language. You will be able to understand its basic principles and algorithms for building programs, which will undoubtedly help you in your future work with this language.

Thanks to the minimalism in the interface and design of the game, you can easily figure out what’s what and start programming. Here you have to go through more than 20 levels, in which you will meet various interesting obstacles to help save Dr. Eval.

Thanks for reading. We are confident that thanks to these games that teach you coding, you will be able to better understand the structure of programming. Good luck!

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