Minecraft Community Voted For A New Mob Alley

Minecraft introduces a new mob that automatically collects loot for players. The annual Minecraft Live 2021 event will take place this weekend, and this week Mojang is introducing new mobs that the community can vote on to add the chosen one to the game in the future.

Previously, the developers introduced the Glare mob, which can warn of dark areas in which dangerous monsters can spawn. Now it’s time for another mob – his name is Allay. He looks like a blue fairy with wings. And if you give him a thing, then he would go to pick up things of the same type.

Minecraft introduces a new mob Glare

Allay won’t duplicate items and rummage through chests for them – his main function is to pick up dropped items. When all the things in the area are collected, he’ll drop the entire collection next to the note blocks, because the mob loves to dance.

The final, third mob, for which the community can vote, will be shown today or tomorrow.

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