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A lot of time has passed since the release of Minecraft. The game has found its fans who regularly enjoy the gameplay. You can find thousands of Minecraft videos on Youtube, but these are mainly letplays and fan videos. But there are very few videos that explain how to solve the problem with a crash or launch of the game. But this is not a problem: today we’ll analyze the main bugs and how to deal with them.

Everyone who has seen Minecraft at least once knows that the game does not have any resource-intensive special effects and cool graphics.

If you have any problems with the game, it is unlikely that this is due to the technical characteristics of your computer, since the game can be run even on Windows 98. Let’s figure out why Minecraft keeps crashing and find out how to get rid of such a common problem. A few detailed ways to troubleshoot the game should definitely help you, let’s get started soon.

Minecraft Crashes on Startup

minecraft crash error

Most often Minecraft crashes on startup and this problem occurs due to corrupted files. How to solve this problem: delete the server folder located at the root of the game folder and replace it with a newer version. Another option is to add the Launcher.jar file, which is located in the same root folder with the game, to the exceptions of your antivirus.

Lags and Crashes during the Game

The most popular option is legacy drivers or Java SDK. The solution to how to stop minecraft from crashing is simple:

  • Install the latest drivers for video cards and other computer components;
  • Install the latest Java SDK or reinstall the existing one.

Before reinstalling Java and all its components, you must uninstall the previous version and reboot. The current version of Java must be downloaded only from the official website of the developer, while before downloading the distribution, you must specify for which platform the library is being downloaded. After installing Java, you need to restart your computer.

Most likely you have installed a new version of the game that requires a new version of Java and drivers, so this should help you to understand why Minecraft crashing.

If the game starts, but it is impossible to play due to the fact that Minecraft is constantly freezing, then you should optimize the graphical settings. Open “Settings”, then go to the item “Graphics Settings”and set the following parameters:

  • Graphics – “Fast”
  • Soft lighting – “Off”
  • 3D anaglyph – “Off”
  • Particles – “Minimum”
  • Draw range – “Very close”
  • Performance – “Maximum FPS”
  • Clouds – “Off”
  • Vertical sync – “Off”

These are, in fact, the “lightest” graphical settings, in which the game should not slow down in any way. If even with such settings nothing has changed, then Minecraft keeps crashing by 99% due to the Java SDK (the solution is described above).

You can often hear from players that they have problems after installing some mods. There is nothing but to remove these mods. The reason for Minecraft crash is that mods either do not fit your version of the game, or they just simply have broken files. Accordingly, we read the requirements of the mod and update Minecraft to the required version or are looking for another version of this add-on.

Changing Java Runtime Parameters

minecraft freezes computer

Sometimes it happens that the Java settings indicate some kind of limitation on the allocation of RAM for the game. It is very easy to check and fix it:

  • Find on the Java taskbar;
  • Open and go to the Java tab;
  • Click View;
  • In the window that appears, double-click on the Runtime Parameters field
  • Change everything that is written there to -Xms% STORAGE% m -Xmx% STORAGE% m, where% STORAGE% is the amount of minimum (Xms) and maximum (Xmx) amount of RAM that you are ready to allocate for the game.

How to Fix a Sudden Crash of the Game

Let’s take a look at how to fix Minecraft crash on any Windows operating system in just a few simple steps:

  • Decrease the draw distance. Often the draw distance gives a greater load on the power. I remember that I had a powerful tablet and it still barely pulled the game at maximum drawing;
  • In the settings, turn off the “Cool Graphics” function. No matter how realistic the game looks with the “Cool Graphics” option, but in case of frequent crashes, you should try to disable this setting;
  • Stop background applications. Do not disable all background programs, disable at least some of them to free up some RAM;
  • It could be mods and textures. Mods and textures can put a heavy load on the device and Minecraft can start to freeze your computer. Do not put too realistic textures (for example, “Life HD”), because of such a hyperrealistic quality, there is a very heavy load on the power of a computer or phone, and not every device can handle textures with a huge resolution. Also, if you have installed a huge number of add-ons, then this can also be tight even for an average device. It should not be forgotten that the more objects on the map, the more computing power is required.

Complete Uninstallation

This is the last method that can help if Minecraft keeps crashing and none of the above helps. Try to roll back the system to the state when there were no crashes yet. This is the most gentle way to eliminate crashes from Minecraft.

If the rollback of Minecraft does not help to figure out why the game is crashing, then you must do the following steps:

  • Uninstall the game along with all mods;
  • Install the game again;
  • Update Minecraft to the current version;
  • Update video card drivers – you can download them only from the official website of the video card manufacturer.

Minecraft is based on Java – due to the small size of the distribution kit and primitive graphics, it does not consume a lot of computer resources. Departures from Minecraft are most likely the result of not a weak device. If none of all the ways to fix the problem helped you, then you should think about buying a new gaming device.The authors of the blog thank the readers for their interest in the article and hope that it was useful to you. Try all the listed methods to eliminate Minecraft crash error and you would definitely be able to play without problems.

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