According to statistics, 15% of people on the planet have serious injuries to the upper limbs and most advanced prosthetics to restore the functionality of their hands. In addition, every year, more than 50 million people become disabled and also need a quality replacement of limbs.

Unfortunately, so far, the market is overflowing with primitive low-function prostheses, which have an unaesthetic appearance and are quite expensive. Luckily, with the development of innovations and the introduction of 3D printing, the most advanced bionic arms began to appear, the design of which is particularly popular with fans of cyberculture.

Below are some quality bioprostheses that will make you feel more multifunctional.


most advanced prosthetic hand

RSLSteeper has been manufacturing advanced prosthetics for over 90 years. At the moment, the company offers functional bionic products that can work all day long without recharging. And although it is not quite convenient to take off the prosthesis every day before going to bed and put it on charging.

Each finger of the BeBionic advanced prosthetic arm is equipped with a small motor, and the position of the fingers is monitored by a microprocessor. The device provides 14 types of grip, which is enough with the head for everyday tasks. At the same time, the user controls the force and speed of the fingers, and if the grip is not strong enough and the object slips out of the bionic hand, the function of holding automatically triggers.

The device is perfectly balanced and lightweight. This has been achieved through the use of carbon fiber and aluminum. At the same time, BeBionic can withstand a load of up to 45 kg.


advanced prosthetics

The first i-Limb Revolution prosthesis appeared in 2014. It was developed by the Touch Bionics company. The prosthesis allowed doing quite ordinary things – folding clothes, tying shoelaces, holding a bag, collecting the designer, and taking a pill with your fingers.

In 2015, the company released a more functional version of i-Limb Quantum, which provided the ability to perform 24 captures and allowed you to configure an additional 12 unique grip using a mobile application. By the way, the application can be used to adjust the force of the grip, as well as to fully program the necessary movements.

The i-Limb Quantum advanced prosthetic limbs have the largest variety of grips among all bionic products on the market. It is the only one with the option to change the grip with gestures – a specific grip is triggered by a specific arm movement.


most advanced prosthetics

Ottobock MyoFacil myoelectric devices are designed for people who have their arm amputated below their elbows. Prostheses cost up to 7000$ and allow you to do many everyday things, including holding both large and small objects. The grip speed of this device is 300 mm/sec.

The disadvantage of the device is that it allows using only one grip.


advanced prosthetic limbs

Unlike MyoFacil, Ottobock’s other prosthesis Michelangelo has seven main grips and allows you to take and hold flat and very small objects. The lifetime of the prosthesis is 3 years, and the glove on the device needs to be changed every six months.

The rich set of functions and capabilities of the bionic limb is explained by the fact that it is developed using Axon-Bus technology, which is used in the aerospace and automobile industries. And with the AxonWrist system, the prosthesis wrist can be easily turned and bent. The bionic arm naturally swings when walking and is lightweight, so the user does not experience any discomfort in use.

However, the functional prosthesis is also expensive – about 35000$.

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