msi gaming app not working windows 10

Surely you should know about the MSI application and its capabilities. If you are a gamer, then you definitely understand why you need it. It should be used in order to improve the performance of the computer by adjusting some parameters. But recently, many users have argued that the MSI gaming app is not working on Windows 10. This is a fairly common problem that happens after an OS update, or for other reasons. If you still encounter this problem, then we will help you deal with how to use the MSI gaming app if it doesn’t work.

Why Could It Happen That Dragon Gaming Center Not Opening?

We and other users of this program were able to find several causes of the MSI gaming app doesn’t open the issue. These include:

  • There is a new version of the setting that fixes the problems, but the tool isn’t automatically updated. You will have to do it manually through the settings.
  • You downloaded an operating system update, after which the system began to pop up with incompatibility problems. Usually, MSI gaming apps not launching can occur on Windows 10.
  • You have a lot of permission restrictions on your computer. You need to grant admin access.
  • The app may prompt you to update your driver if needed. If you do not listen to the recommendations, errors may occur.

If you didn’t notice or did anything from this list, then below we will show a few more tips if the MSI gaming app platform does not support it. If they do not help, then most likely the problem is not in the application itself, but on the computer. Therefore, it will be necessary to understand exactly the PC or contact a specialist.

MSI Gaming App the Platform Doesn’t Support This Application: How To Fix the Situation?

msi gaming app the platform doesn t support this application

There are many ways on the internet explaining that the MSI gaming app did not work. In turn, we decided to show only a few of them, which will really help you understand the situation that has arisen.

Installing the Latest Version of the Application

Perhaps, if you are here, then you are faced with a problematic update of Windows 10. Along with this, many new versions of the application have appeared. Given that it does not work or may not load at all, the only way to change that the MSI gaming app is not working is to install the update yourself. Before installing, you will need to uninstall the application you have installed and then download the new version from the official website.

In “Start” find the control panel and go there. Then select “View As: Category” and select uninstall a program by finding this item in the “Programs” section. You will be shown a complete list of all programs available on your computer. Find the required program among them and uninstall it. After that, the uninstall window will appear, where you will need to carefully read everything that will be written and follow the instructions. Click “Finish” to start the uninstallation process, then restart your PC. And now we can tackle the MSI gaming app update.

Go to MSI official website. Type in all the necessary information about the setup and reach the stage of support for your particular device. In the left menu, you will see the “download” item, which you should use. Go to the utility and in the Utilities section, find your application, and then download it.

After that, the downloaded file can be found in the Downloads folder on your PC. Now you should extract it by right-clicking and selecting the appropriate item. Now open the program and follow the instructions during download. Now make sure the MSI gaming app not starting problem is now gone.

Run As Administrator

Many people use the admin login whenever they use this application. It may seem that there are no suitable permissions here, which do not oblige you to use this kind of login. But in general, logging in through the administrator in all applications is not a good idea. Although it is in MSI that no one should have problems with this item, and it can be used simply and safely. So if you have an MSI gaming app osd not working, try this step.

In the first queue, find the icon for this application and right-click on it. Now you need to change its properties by clicking the appropriate tab. Then select “Compatibility”. It is at this point that you can choose how to log in to the application as an administrator. Now just run the application.

You also need to make sure that all relevant dialogs have been confirmed, otherwise, new errors may occur and the MSI Dragon gaming center not working again. If you no longer get an error when starting up, you managed to fix it. If not, try again or use another method.

Downloading the Required Driver

If the MSI gaming app is not showing a GPU, maybe this method will help you. Everything here is as simple as possible. The application itself will be able to show you what needs to be updated for the stable operation of the application. In Device Manager, simply find your device and update the appropriate driver.

In “Start” enter “Run” and click on the appropriate window. In the dialog box enter evmgmt.msc and confirm your action. After that, the required dispatcher will open for you. Find a suitable driver (or better write down its name in advance so that you can definitely enter it correctly). Find your device, and then delete it through the context menu. Recheck whether you delete and confirm the actions again.

Now next to “Remove driver software for this device”, check the box. After that, you need to restart your computer, because this way the changes can manifest. The OS will try to replace the driver and change the situation. If it didn’t happen automatically, just do it manually. MSI gaming app won’t open Windows 10 precisely because the driver may not be replaced automatically.

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C ++

Yes, you can imagine, these components are interconnected with each other. That is why MSI gaming app-led control does not work if Visual has any problems. Many people simply blame Windows for all the problems, although in fact, this may be due to its component. Here you will need to manually uninstall the MSI application, as we showed at the very beginning. Repeat all the steps in accordance with this until the moment when you need to install a new or the same version of the program. We will do this a little later.

We will now deal with uninstalling Visual C ++ to continue dealing with the problem. It will be a little more difficult here because you will be presented with several versions of this utility in the parameters. Unfortunately, you can’t delete all of them all at once, so you will need to delete each of them in turn. Remember to follow the directions and confirm the required items in the dialog boxes so that the whole process is correct.

Now to fix the MSI gaming app not opening Windows 10, just re-download this application. Please select the appropriate boot version based on your processor bit (32 or 64). Open the downloaded file and again continue to follow the instructions of the OS and the application itself. After you’ve already finished installing Microsoft Visual C ++, we can proceed with the loading steps from the same first point. After that, you don’t need to do anything else, just download the app again.

msi gaming app not showing gpu

And so, that’s all. These methods will help you if you have an MSI gaming app the platform doesn’t support. You can choose any of the methods. We will recommend exactly the 2nd method because it can be called the simplest of all the presented ones. If you are well versed in computers, any of the methods will be simple for you. Start correcting the situation now! If you have already tried all our methods, but the problem still does not leave you and your computer, you should contact a specialist who will help you find the real cause of the problem. Perhaps the whole problem will not lie in the application itself, but in the malfunction of any other components and components. Surely you also had some problems with your PC that you still haven’t solved. Perhaps the Dragon gaming center is not working because of this. So find yourself a good programmer.

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