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Given the development of the gaming industry and the emergence of new unusual options for the genres of games, simple streetfighter multiplayer games are no longer quite popular. But this isn’t at all the case, because recently very interesting games of this good old genre have appeared, and there are also games that have been pleasing gamers with their exciting plot for many years. Indeed, if you start looking at various tops, then you can find at least a few similar examples that really deserve your attention. But we made it a relief for you so that you don’t look for those best fighting games for Android offline, we have already made a collection of the most interesting ones for you. And if you haven’t ever played before, we will tell you a little about these online multiplayer fight games, after which you will definitely want to try them. Therefore, read, look after your games and download them immediately after reading our article! We are sure you will not regret it, but on the contrary, you will want to play again!

What Are Multiplayer Fighting Games?

Fighting multiplayer games are fighting games where you can fight with your friends on the network, or with other opponents who are now also playing the game. Many games have different rules, but the essence is almost the same. Here you need to defeat the enemy, or a team of enemies, in order to win and get nice bonuses and game currency. For the money, you can improve weapons/costumes/characters or something else, and bonuses also add interesting features. Also, when playing fighting games with friends, you can show them your skill in playing the selected game. If you like to think a little, make strategies to win, and the like, then these games are perfect for you.

List of the Best Fighting Games for Android

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This game can really be considered the best of all free-fighting games for Android because it has a lot of interesting things. Here you fight enemies in the battle arena, knocking out the lead and victory. During the game, you will receive some material from which you can build mechs, which will directly help you to win further. It is worth noting that this Android fighter game gives players the ability to change their hero as they like, and also allows you to choose game modes. And its design, graphics, and design immerse you in an incredible fantastic atmosphere, from which you won’t want to leave. Be sure to play this multiplayer fighting game, you will like it for sure!

Brawl Stars

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You’ve probably heard about it because this free-fighting game for Android is now very popular and even more players have begun to play it. The game has a few beat’em up details, which distinguishes it from other similar games, but here as well as in them there are very interesting and difficult moments of the struggle. Here you and your team will fight against 3 enemies. The main task is to defeat them and complete their goals in order to get as many points as possible. In addition, you can play one-on-one with a friend or another person to show your best. If you are a fan of street-fighting games for Android and are looking for suitable ones to kill time or relax, then you should definitely try this game.


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This is one of the few fighting games on Android where you can not only fight but also have fun in the process. Here the action takes place on the arena (platform), but instead of the edges of the arena being protected, you can fall from them and lose if you step over the line of the field. This must be taken into account during the game because you can “remove” opponents like that. The Android fighting game has over 50 different heroes, each of which is unique and has its own superpowers. Also, here you can play any game mode you like, or alternate them at will. You can also customize some game settings for yourself so that you feel comfortable playing and winning. Therefore, if you are a fan of similar street fight games for Android, then this game will appeal to you.

EA Sports UFC

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This game has a colossal number of fans not only on the console but also in the mobile version, which sets it apart from the rest of the boxing multiplayer games. In addition, the great graphics will allow you to feel the real atmosphere of free battles, and it may even seem that you are controlling real people (yes, the detail here really deserves your attention). Here you can play as different fighters, of which there are about 70, including men and women. The fights aren’t too long, which doesn’t let you get tired but gives an impetus to continue. Therefore, if you know how exciting combat can be, then this multiplayer fight will be a great opportunity to show all your skills in games and battles.


This is a very handy feature that will allow you to play your favorite old street fighting 2 player games for consoles. You can use SNES and SEGA emulators to download and play console games on your smartphone. Many emulators have an almost endless list of games that have just been created on the console, including street fight multiplayer. Surely you have examples of those games that you played a few years ago, and you would like to play them again. In addition, modern technology can give you the ability to use a controller while playing for better game control. In addition, it will be possible to save results, use cheats, and much more.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

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One of the newest 3D fighting games for Android. This is a great game for those who love action movies and anime because the game is made in the unusual style of KoF. Also, this game is quite similar to every familiar Mortal Kombat X or Injustice 2. Here you have to fight to defeat your opponent by various players. You can change the characters as you want because there are a lot of them here and each with its own capabilities. In addition, here, in addition to the multiplayer mode, you can play it offline, play 1 on 1 and more. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade your skills in different situations and increase them. Therefore, if you are a fan of such free fights, you will definitely like this game.

Punch Boxing 3D

This is where real boxing happens. That is why there are no super tricks here since in such battles you only have to heal yourself and attack the enemy according to the basic rules. Yes, it may not be as interesting as in epic offline fighting games for Android, but for those who really appreciate such boxing fights, the game will be the best choice. The sounds in the game are so realistic that you immerse yourself in a combat atmosphere with your head. In addition, with each victory, you unlock new opportunities, such as accessories for a fighter that you can wear. You can also improve the “qualification” of your player so that he can fight already with more difficult opponents.

Real Boxing 2

street fight multiplayer

This is the second part of an interesting game that has won the hearts of many gamers around the world. Here you will play the role of Rocky – a favorite character of many people, as well as against him in different situations. You can also fight in different interesting game modes, including online with your friends. In addition, you can independently create a character that suits you, which isn’t in many Gameloft fighting games. Also, here you can receive many bonuses after each win and spend them on improving equipment and other details, which will improve the abilities of your player. The controls and graphics are at a high level, which will ensure a pleasant pastime and enjoyment.

Real Steel Series

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This is an incredible game where you play as robots and fight with them. It is worth considering that there are elements of an arcade game here. Therefore, you will have to move and fight on your own. The game has 4 types of game modes, which differ from each other in appearance and capabilities. In addition, in multiplayer mode, you can fight and defeat your friends, or other players on the network. Also, you can change many settings to improve the game and its usability. This is where you can show your imagination and more. Have you seen something similar somewhere in such multiplayer fighting games for Android? We are sure not. So play it to see how interesting it is.


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Here you immerse yourself in a special fighting atmosphere from the retro 90s. All the details have been worked out perfectly, and the controls and graphics increase the pleasure during the game. In addition, with each new battle, you can improve your skills and pump your hero, which opens up new opportunities during the gameplay. Here you can play both offline and online with friends or other opponents, which will help you demonstrate your skills in this game. Therefore, if you are a fan of classics, which will always and at all times be relevant, then this game is right for you. Enjoy!

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