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MMO is an acronym that means “massively multiplayer online game”. MMO implies the presence of a common virtual world, where events take place without the participation of the player. MMO strategies got their distribution back in the mid-2000s when the genre was quite widely represented on Flash, and with the development of mobile platforms, similar games began to appear actively on iOS and Android. As a rule, mobile MMO strategies involve building the base itself and attacking the bases of other players. RPG elements are also often found, they are expressed in the form of the development of heroes. And today we take a look at the best games on the app store to play with friends.

List of the Best Multiplayer Games on the App Store

Clash of Clans

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To call Clash of Clans one of the good multiplayer games app stores is an understatement. The Supercell team managed to create a whole new class of MMO strategies, which absorbed the mechanics of the usual “farm” and real-time strategy. Clash of Clans is easy to play, it’s fun to win, and regular updates now and then bring variety to the gameplay, which doesn’t let the enthusiastic players go for months, if not years. An excellent PvP component and a relatively user-loyal monetization system provided the game with an influx of millions of gamers, and all this was achieved without the protection of publishers and advertising campaigns. Is this not a sign of a great game? Isn’t that a sign of a good game? Then go to the app store multiplayer games online and check again.

Castle Clash

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A year after the release of Clash of Clans (also one of the best multiplayer games on the app store), every big fish on the mobile game market realized that the mechanics of the aforementioned hit, if implemented correctly, promise huge profits, and such a dirt playground like a platform Android is pretty darn attractive. At the time of Castle Clash’s release on Google Play, Clash of Clans didn’t yet exist, and dozens of clones could only offer the local audience imbalance, obsessive donations, and generally poor implementation quality. But Castle Clash changed everything, and also replaced Clash of Clans as the top app store multiplayer game.

Taking the game mechanics of Clash of Clans as a basis, the authors of Castle Clash conducted serious analytics and optimized the degree of aggressiveness of monetization for the low purchasing power of Android users. Some interesting features, high-quality execution, as well as the advertising power of the publisher, allowed the game to give a quick start, which exceeds the indicators of other multiplayer games on the app store. Over time, IGG turned out to be an excellent game, which not only quickly occupied most of the niche of the Android platform but also turned from “catching up with Clash of Clans” into a competing one. If you don’t know what to choose from all the multiplayer games app store free, then choose this one.

Worms 4

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Team17 studio, which in the mobile segment can be called “worm makers”, has released another game from the Worms series, which received serial number 4 and was included in the top fun multiplayer games app store. The gameplay concept in Worms 4 is adapted specifically for mobile devices – that is, the game sessions in it are as dynamic as possible. and not so long, and the interaction with the game should surprise the user with its simplicity. Secondly, as expected, in each new part there were new options for weapons with the possibility of upgrading them, as well as upgrading worms with the help of various costumes. These are the advantages that made it appear in the best multiplayer games in the app store.

Thirdly, the single-player mode has become much more impressive – as many as 80 missions in one company. But the most important thing is that before starting the game, each user will now have to choose to belong to one of the two factions to subsequently fight under its banners and bring points to their side’s piggy bank. In other words, this is a multiplayer game on the app store. Of course, this also suggests the presence of various tournaments, clan skirmishes, and other social benefits. Therefore, if you love such battles, it will become the best of all the multiplayer games app stores.

UNO & Friends

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By the name itself, you understand that this is one of the best multiplayer games app stores. Leading video game publisher Gameloft and global toy manufacturer Mattel have teamed up to release the digital incarnation of the popular UNO & Friends card game. This fun classic game brings players from all over the world together with new social and multiplayer options. Users around the world will be able to play with each other, and in this, they will be helped by new cross-platform opportunities. If you love to play it in real life, then it will surely become your favorite game from all the multiplayer games app stores.


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NBA JAM by EA SPORTS is an arcade comic-style basketball simulator. This is the only one of all games on the app store to play with friends that touch on the basketball theme. If you like street basketball with no more than four people, then you will definitely love the game. You will find several game modes, good 2D graphics with realistic teams and players, as well as simple controls with dynamic gameplay that absolutely everyone will love. That is why it belongs to the best app store multiplayer games.

In each battle, you will control two basketball players, each with their own unique physique and face of a real NBA player. Accordingly, you get a 4*4 team, as in many 2 player games app stores. All matches will last for a certain time and if you want to win, then it is best not to let your opponents throw balls into your basket, but do it yourself as often as possible. Controlling basketball players is incredibly simple: a joystick for movement and a couple of buttons for jumping, blocking a shot, and a dodge. As you can see, everything is very simple, and thanks to dynamic meetings you will definitely not be bored. Want to compete with a friend? Then this game of all multiplayer app store games will be the best for you.


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Badland game is a so-called side-scroller: from left to right, along with predatory and dangerous, but at the same time bewitchingly beautiful places, something between a hedgehog and a bird flies, something winged and dirty, to match the scenery. Accordingly, it can be classified as a fun multiplayer games app store. It seems that the screen moves with the user, although in reality, it isn’t – according to the rules of the genre, you must keep up with it, otherwise, your wonder bird will come to an end.

We are sure that you will like it more than the rest of the multiplayer games in the app store because a lot of deadly mechanisms are concentrated here, which can not only delay your flight but also simply stop it in the most interesting place, slamming a lingering creature. You can overcome any obstacle in Badland by collecting various items on the fly. Some of them lead to the fact that the hedgehog bird shrinks and slips into the narrowest crevices, while others make our wonder creature swell and become uncontrollable (which also affects control). Certain objects can slow down time, allowing you to navigate especially difficult times. We encourage you to play this game and make sure it is the best of the best multiplayer games app store.

King of Thieves

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ZeptoLab has made a name for itself in the mobile games market with the excellent Cut the Rope arcade puzzle series. Founded by two brothers, the company has grown into a full-fledged publishing house, within the walls of which “King of Thieves” was created. This game, one of the best multiplayer games app store free, can be described as a mixture of the already classic MMO strategy for mobile platforms and a 2D platformer. To some extent, the game can be compared with “Clash Of Clans” and the like, but instead of building our own village, we need to hide the looted jewels in the bowels of our dungeon, equipped with all sorts of obstacles and traps.

Besides the fact that this game is one of the 2 player games app stores, you can play here with a large number of people. Your main task is to raid other players’ dungeons and defend your treasures competently. The moment you attack, the gameplay of King of Thieves is reminiscent of Super Meat Boy games. Surprisingly, such different game mechanics are perfectly combined in one game and this is a great merit of ZeptoLab masters. Not sure yet if it’s worthy on our app store multiplayer games online chart? Then download and start playing now!

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