Netflix Games Are Already Available For Iphone And Ipad

A week ago, the Netflix service reached iPhone and iPad owners and finally launched mobile games for IOS just like on Android. At the moment, the service is already available and is ready to delight all Netflix subscribers.

The set of games for iPhone and iPad is the same as for Android. Users have access to games based on the popular series: Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game. There is also an opportunity to try out no less interesting projects like: Shooting Hoops and Card Blast. Netflix has decided to further delight subscribers with the opportunity to download a game for free, which recently entered the digital market – Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, which costs $10 on Switch and PC. It is a very nice bonus for gamers, isn’t it?

As on Android, Netflix games for the iOS operating system are local binaries that must be downloaded separately from the App Store. When launching the app, users will be prompted to sign in to their Netflix account.

Many users may be attracted by the fact that all games are available at no additional cost to those who subscribe to the service. Also the service will allow customers to subscribe using the in-app purchase system of Apple, which is very convenient.

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