M1 Pro M1 Max Apple processors

Apple delighted its fans by presenting a scattering of interesting products at the October event: the new MacBook Pro, HomePad mini, AirPods and M1 Pro and Max processors.

Apple macbook pro

On October 18, another Apple presentation took place. Everything happened online and it is necessary to note the wonderful directorial and stage work. The demonstration of new products fascinated the viewers, and it felt like it was a whole series from Netflix. The smooth and immersive transitions from one device to another are simply amazing. Let’s talk about new devices.

apple HomePad mini

The iPad still has a 10.2-inch screen, but the new model has an Apple A13 processor. The iPad Mini has a new look, reminiscent of the iPad Pro. The tablet’s screen is 8.3 inches, and the gadget is equipped with USB-C, 5G support.

The presentation also featured the new iWatch Series 7 with Retina display and reduced bezel. The watch screen has been significantly enlarged, it will be more durable and dustproof, new colors have been added, and the battery for 18 hours of use will charge 30% faster.

new iWatch Series 7 with Retina display

Apple’s new headphones offer improved sound quality over their predecessors. It is known that the novelty is devoid of silicone ear pads.

apple airpods 3

After watching a 50-minute presentation, users will surely have a genuine interest and desire to buy the presented devices in order to quickly try out new technologies.

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