The NCART metro system

The main problem of the whole company’s history of existence is that it established a too short schedule for the size of the project. New Cyberpunk 2077 Mod was once introduced about the adding of the 19 stationed metro system but in a few minutes, the news was deleted.

Now the mod returns to its decision and presents to the public the real metro system with 19 explorable stations. The NCART metro system was developed really well. The gamers will have the opportunity to sit inside the train after its arrival and switch between first and third-person views at the time of riding. So, the whole Night City will be in full sight with all its beauty.

Sometimes the users will have to wait for the metro, as in real life, the train doesn’t stay for you at the station. It happens because of not an automated function. Also, the working radio is available. It is very strange that for all its impressive size, the game only now involved the transport system. For convenience in the description of the mod, is located a map of the subway.

We think the creators did a great job and released the awesome update. There is something romantic in all these night trips. You will definitely like it! Look forward to your opinion in the comments below! Tell us all about your impressions!

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