Every month, there are games worthy of gamers’ attention. The developers are trying to surprise us with unusual projects, and there are not so many quality AAA projects in summer. August 2020 promises to be rich in events in the gaming industry. The authors have prepared a lot of interesting novelties, and players will be able to try them out in less than 30 days.

In this article, we decided to tell you about the best games, the release of which is scheduled for August.

Hellbound (August 4)


There will be the release of the first-person shooter at the beginning of the month, which is inspired by original DOOM games. In Hellbound, players will have to travel to other worlds, where there are a lot of enemies.

The gamer will shoot down crowds of enemies with different types of weapons, as well as periodically dealing with bosses. The developers tried to make the gameplay as similar as possible to the first part of DOOM, which was released in the ’90s. They almost completely copied the interface stylistics, and also the gameplay.

But unlike the original DOOM, this game is made in full 3D.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC (August 7)

Horizon Zero Dawn PC

Computer owners who have long dreamed of playing this PS4 exclusive will be able to satisfy their desire at the beginning of the month.

The developers will release the Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. It will contain the same content, which is available in the version for PS4. Players will be able to pass a fascinating storyline about the people of the future, hunt robotic dinosaurs, and enjoy the picturesque locations.

The authors have tried to adapt the control for the PC so that the owners of the keyboard and mouse can control the character without any problems.

A Total War Saga: Troy (August 13)

total war saga

Strategy lovers will be able to try out the new part of the Total War franchise in mid-August. It’s not hard to guess that the events will cover military actions related to the siege of Troy.

During the storyline campaign, the gamer will meet a lot of real-life personalities, and will personally lead the troops. He will be able to choose the side, and it will directly affect the gameplay. All kinds of warriors have unique features.

The player will have to think through an action plan in advance and take into account the location of enemy forces on the map.

UFC 4 (14 August)


Traditionally, EA begins to produce new parts of its sports series. And the first of the list will be UFC in the second half of the year. The authors promise a realistic schedule and a lot of fighters who will fight in real-life arenas.

The players already have a certain dissatisfaction with the project, because the graphics in the trailers look a little outdated. But the developers are not discouraged and hope that the fourth part of the fighting game will disperse quite a good circulation.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (August 18)

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Developers from Microsoft are planning to release the long-awaited flight simulator in the second half of the month. The authors promised to recreate the Earth with maximum accuracy, so the gamer can fly over the planet in any direction and land in really existing airports.

There will be dozens of different models of aircraft with unique characteristics on the choice. Because of this, the control of each airplane will be different from the others. Also, one of the main advantages of the project will be realistic graphics.

Project CARS 3 (August 28)

Project CARS 3

The third part of the racing simulator will be born at the end of the month. The main advantages are realistic graphics and many licensed cars with unique features of management.

During the game, gamers will ride on a large number of tracks and fight for first place in official competitions. Gradually moving up the career ladder, they will be able to buy new cars and participate in new tournaments. The authors promise that driving will become even more realistic in this part of the series and will depend on the surrounding conditions.

Serious Sam 4 (August)

serious sam 4

Even though this month is not far off, the developers have not yet announced the exact release date of the fourth part of the shooter about Serious Sam. We all know that the release will take place in August.

In addition to improved graphics and several classic monsters, the authors promise many new enemies, bosses, and a lot of weapons with unique features. Battles will be held in large locations, where the gamer can freely move. The developers decided not to change the traditional gameplay, so the fans of the franchise are waiting for the canonical continuation of the first three parts.

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