Manipulation and tactics are the main features of the main villain of The Legend of Zelda series. He has always been one of the worst characters in a good sense.

When it came to plans, he had no equal. His power kept Hyrule in chaos and fear. Hopefully, he’ll never get all three parts of Triforce, because with only one he was causing too much trouble.



Fighting him requires good dodging skills, as his claws can destroy everything in their path. The mechanical body allows him to do anything he wants. Don’t get your hopes up for a break in combat with him.

It’s almost impossible to destroy him because he’s not human and feels almost nothing. His passion for war and battle always requires saturation.


A character who was the victim of his own experiments that drove him mad. After he was left alive, he began to own one of the strongest armies. No wonder this mad scientist was exiled to Venom in the first place.

The villain of the Lylat system, Andross is an unforgettable villain with even more incredible power.


nintendo hero 2

A very ominous and powerful enemy. Jealous motive made him gain his power and respect. Although at first glance he seems like a very sweet little boy.

He can be at the level of his master because he can become immortal and create his own spider fur.


Better not cross Ridley and his space pirates league. Any Metroid fan will confirm it.

His peculiarity is that he has a high survival rate and improves his skills to continue fighting with Samus. The good news is that he has the most reasons to capture this incredible enemy.


Famous Pokemon, which has telepathic abilities, can fly and use psychic attacks. Many gamers know that he was an antagonist in various games.

Thanks to his crushing power, he could always take control of the fight and manipulate the people around him. Fighting with him is definitely not going to be an easy task.


The Star Fox Team is having serious problems with THE APAROID QUEEN, who is satisfied with the huge assault force. They’re one of the most frightening villains Nintendo has ever created.

The bomb was created to defeat her, but it`s only delayed her anger and the heroes couldn’t stop her completely.


A worthy opponent for the past member of our list. Maybe she could have won if she wanted to. A character who could put Samus in a difficult position by coordinating various attacks. She also learned to build her own bodies and chose a fierce dinosaur.

The overloaded AI is daunting, but the new appearance is also a cause for danger.



The Kirby series is full of various strange things that at first glance seem charming and Marx fits this description.

Through deception, he was able to make himself one of the strongest monsters in the universe. He has become almost indestructible in a new form and set of destructive abilities.


An arsenal of incredible weapons, excellent fighting skills, soul deals makes Hades an excellent fighter. The villain of Kid Icarus is a real beast based on the Greek underworld God.


Incredibly strong and frightening character keeps many characters and players in fear. Tabuu has such power that he’s virtually invincible. From his appearance, it is clear that he is a serious threat and will not be an easy trial for the player.


The real embodiment of the horror that brings destruction to the universe. The most ambitious character on our list, who can realize them with his power.

His influence spread not only because the heroes wanted something from him, but also because he cannot be denied.



Quite an innocent character and gamers do not have much difficulty in fighting it. This character has no evil purpose, he’s just obsessed. A real celebrity from Kirby, charming enough and you don’t expect anything else from him.


You shouldn’t take him lightly. He’s quite chaotic and uses his father’s old skills. Players will be surprised by his unpredictability in fights. He’s very sloppy and incredibly dangerous. Because we don’t know his target, he is a very unpredictable opponent.


A deep respect for his opponent makes Wolf a very interesting villain. Usually, villains feel anger and rage towards their opponent, but not the Wolf. After the fight, it becomes clear that he has an understanding of many things, despite the fact he is on the opposite side.

Determination and persistence make him a dangerous opponent and leader of the opposing team.


A character with incredible charisma. We’ve seen a lot of Pokemon characters over the years, but they were all too scary or too stupid. But this is not the case. He knows how to use people well, to achieve his goals, and understands what he thinks about others.


Many players want to see this character more often in the games because he combines stupidity and unpredictability. He caused a lot of excitement when he was announced for the new Smash. He is famous for the fact that brings to each game something new and it makes glad every Nintendo fun.



An icon of Nintendo’s gaming industry. Despite the plumber’s countless victories over this character, his incredible power allows him to return again and again. He’s probably just immortal, as he was melted in lava in front of the eyes of many players.

A crazy Mario villain with an incredible character.


And it’s not enough to just throw this character in the lava. The lead villain of Super Paper Mario. He likes to contact the characters out of curiosity and literally send them to hell.


Nightmare ensures that everyone in his power is in a state of his worst fears.

Everyone will suffer until the protagonist heroically saves everyone and delivers them from the power of a terrible villain. But this is not an easy task, because he has numerous attacks, which makes the fight with him incredibly difficult. And he looks very creepy.

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