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Mobile games are becoming more popular as the performance of smartphones rises. In addition, game developers are increasingly using the free-to-play model for in-game purchases. Fortnite, popular today, is one such example. In this regard, the need for gamepads for Android devices has increased. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best phone controllers in different categories.

The Best Android Phone Game Controller for Today

And so, we bring to your attention the best controllers that only exist now. We are sure that you will want to have at least one controller for Android phones.

Razer Raiju Mobile – the Best Phone Games Controller of All

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According to our colleagues at androidcentral, the best Bluetooth phone game controller in early 2021 is the Razer Raiju Mobile. You can buy it on the official Razer website at a very pleasant price. According to Razer, the Raiju Mobile uses quality soft buttons with fast response times, springy pressure, and clear feedback.

In addition to the main buttons, the Raiju Mobile uses additional multi-function buttons with smooth travel on the top end, which will allow for new combinations of movements.

This is one of the few controllers for Android phones that on the bottom has additional multifunction buttons, one of which can be assigned the function of switching the sensitivity. This is especially useful in scenes where you need to shoot opponents with the stick at long distances.

There is official support for a number of popular phone controller games such as Fortnite and VainGlory. A smartphone mount on the gamepad allows you to tilt up to 60 degrees. It will be convenient to play both lying on the bed and sitting in the subway.

You can download a separate driver on your PC to use the gamepad as a regular PC controller. In addition, Razr offers a 2-year warranty when purchasing Raiju, which will be a nice bonus.

STEELSERIES Stratus Duo – the Best in Terms of Price/Quality Ratio

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This controller for phone games is also officially sold in many countries. It can be bought from the official website because it is there that the democratic price is. Its main feature is multiplatform. You can play on an Android smartphone, PC, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR without installing additional drivers.

The Stratus Duo, like the Razr Raiju, supports mobile Fortnite. The Stratus Duo uses magnetic sensors for more even stick pressure, eliminating dead spots and achieving 100% 360-degree accuracy. The phone Bluetooth controller is capable of working 20 hours on a single charge. Of the minuses, we note the absence of vibration feedback.

SteelSeries Stratus XL – Best Battery Life

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This Bluetooth controller for Android phones supports Steam Big Picture, Android, and Gear VR, and its main advantage is the battery life – more than 40 hours. The company had to separately work on the ergonomics of the gamepad since the increased battery life requires more attention to usability so that the user’s hands get less tired during a long game.

SCUF Prestige – the Largest Number of Settings and Possibilities

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This is probably the most customizable gamepad on the market. It is adapted to work with Xbox and PC, but works great for Android too. On the back, the game controller for Android phones has 4 additional paddle-shaped multifunction buttons. The body of the gamepad, buttons, and sticks can be easily replaced with any others. The gadget lasts more than 30 hours on a single charge, and its weight is only 267 grams.

GameSir F1 Grip – Simple and Easy to Use

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It isn’t always more convenient to play games with a familiar gamepad. In this case, GameSir F1 Grip will help. This is a simplified game controller for phones with a dedicated physical joystick. Its main goal is to make the grip more comfortable without sacrificing touch game control. And the physical joystick will make the movement more pleasant tactilely.

Razer Kishi – the Most Compact Solution

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Of course, you can try different versions of game controllers for Android phones, but why, if you can just enjoy this unique and convenient model! Simply put, it is able to immerse you in the game not on your smartphone, but in a full-fledged game on Nintendo. You can take it without any problems if you have an Android phone to phone controller, which uses USB-C. But if you own an Apple smartphone, you can also connect it to yourself (the exception here is the iPhone SE 2).

It has all the standard keys like a normal device. You might think this gamepad takes up a lot of space. Not really. It has a very compact size and can be folded if necessary.

8BitDo SN30 – Return to Childhood

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This is a very unusual Bluetooth controller for the phone, which sets itself apart from others, and is ready to immerse you several years ago in the days of Nintendo’s SNES. As you know, it is easier and more comfortable to hold in your hand, which isn’t an unimportant factor for a high-quality and long-lasting game (especially if the game is sweaty enough). But besides the fact that you can use it on your smartphone, you can also connect it to the Nintendo Switch and play your favorite games with it without any problems. In addition, on the Internet, you can find different interesting smartphone controller colors for a nice price. Unfortunately, this gamepad isn’t compatible with iPhones.

PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus – for True Xbox Fans

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You might want to get the most out of your Xbox Game Pass, but your console and the personal computer won’t help you do that. This controller for Android phones has a big advantage, which is the ability to play Xbox while streaming to your own smartphone. Although almost all controllers from Microsoft are of very high quality and even capable of supporting various functions, PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus is at a higher level, while having a convenient design and a good price.

Here, all the keys are located in the same place as the original Xbox controllers. Therefore, you don’t have to relearn to another layout. In addition, if you don’t have the ability to connect it to the phone via a wire, or you are charging the phone, you can connect them via Bluetooth without any problems. Also, you can play at least the whole day, because there is a built-in 3,000mAh battery, which is quite a lot. Maybe you haven’t noticed a significant difference between this and other controllers. But such a conviction will last until the moment when it falls into your hands.

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