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Each gamer, after completing the game, waits for the next part of a new game to be released. But sometimes you can get tired of the over-modern quality of the presentation of games (for example, too “lively” pictures or high detail). Then you start to feel nostalgic for those games that you played at the very beginning of your gaming journey, on which you grew up.

It is interesting to know that old PC gaming can be downloaded now from various sites on the Internet. But we know that there are a lot of such sites, but they aren’t always of high quality and reliable. Therefore, we decided to help you find the old PC games list on the best sites, where you can download them safely and for free without any problems. But first, let’s talk a little more about the security of these games.

Is an Old PC Gaming Safe?

Yes. Old PC gaming safe for modern personal computers. But, of course, if you find the right source, which will allow you to download the game correctly and without getting viruses on your computer. You can find a lot of sites where you allegedly download a high-quality list of old computer games, but then you will realize that this turned out to be not the case at all. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations, we were able to independently check these sites and highlight the best ones.

Where to Download Games for Free?

old pc gaming

So let’s move on to the fun part. Here are some good old gaming websites where you can find your favorite games from their past:

The Internet Archive

It is an archive library, the main purpose of which is to make all information on the Internet publicly available. As stated in the statistics of this site, for a year, starting from the beginning of 2014, the site managed to collect more than 800 classic arcade games and over 2400 games for the Windows operating system. It is in this old PC game list that you can find every possible PC game of all time.


This is a great site where you can find the old Windows games list, which has over 1200 constantly downloaded games. In addition to the fact that they make it possible to download any game, before that you can study all the detailed information about it. On each page, there are screenshots of the game, respectively, a video review, as well as ratings of editors and players. This opportunity allows you to freely choose the game that suits you.

RGB Classic Games

On this site, you can see a list of old PC games that are suitable for different operating systems. The site is very well-thought-out. Thanks to this, you can quickly find your favorite game through filters by genre, OS, release year, or other features of the game. In addition, there is a single huge library, which contains games of all time, intended for DOS.

My Abandonware

This site contains the “abandoned” games of the old times. In addition, there is a separate section, which contains recent additions and new parts of the same old games. There are more than 14,000 names of computer games, including some that almost no one knows. This will allow you to view a virtually complete list of games that are or are similar to those that you played a long time ago. The site is being actively maintained. Accordingly, new game updates and interesting content are often released on it.

Games Nostalgia

A unique and interesting site that will help you switch back a few years. It has an old computer game list, which was released from the beginning of 1985 to 1995 inclusive. It is very convenient to sort games by popularity, genres, tags, updates, and more. In addition, the developers of the site have tried very hard to pack all possible games into their own emulators. Accordingly, this will open access to play the game for Windows on other OS.


This site has a lot of old games that you can play without problems and bugs even on the most recent version of your Windows. Here you can find games from the Command & Conquer series. We are sure that every gambling addict knows and loves at least 2-3 games of this series.

Abandonware Dos

As the name implies, on this site you can find games that are suitable for the MS-DOS games and Windows operating systems. You can find almost any game from the 1980-the 1990s, as well as newer updates and versions of them.

Thanks for reading the article! We are sure that on these sites you can find your favorite games and plunge into youth.

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