GTA 5 update

The world-famous company Rockstar Games announced the new addition, The Contract, for the GTA 5. Today it will be presented. The gamers are waiting for a ride through Los Santos. The amazing fact is that the fans reacted sharply to this update. All of them are looking forward to the new GTA 6. There were complaints in which players asked the inventors to leave the old game.

The new release offers people a new radio station Motonami Los Santos that will play while moving through the streets. Also, there will be the opportunity to create your agency, use the new transport and much more functions. The player will be able to become Franklin`s business partner and to crank this scheme the game proposes the help of the old friend of the character, Lamar Davis.

The developers focused attention on the music. Many popular performers will sound during the play. The creators are famed for their creativity to the teasers. It is always very interesting and exciting to meet new additions.

The most interesting fact is that at the very beginning of the game all had to play per the policeman, who was looking for criminals in a big city.

So we are waiting for the first comments about the innovations. In the era of digitalization, people have become very demanding and wait for something incredible from the creators.

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