How many horror pixel game fans are there in the world? It may seem to you that there are few of them, but this isn’t at all the case. Despite the old-fashioned graphics, free pixel horror games are as intimidating as other scary AAA titles. Because the main thing is not the graphics, but the plot and atmosphere, and this is more than enough in squeaky games. Let’s remember the scariest pixel games of recent times. To do this, we will present a pixel horror games list, but before that, let’s take another look at what exactly these special games are. We are sure you will be interested to learn a little about pixel games PC. So let’s get started!

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Creepy Pixel Art: What Is It?

Probably, it isn’t difficult to guess what the pixel art horror game will look like. Every pixel will be visible here, creating the atmosphere of a new game in the world. For many, this version of haunted house pixel art is even much more interesting and cooler. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no such powerful detail and creepy special effects as in modern games (especially they look too scary in 4K or in VR glasses). So if you don’t like horror much, but want to get closer to it, horror pixel art is what you need. But despite their special appearance, the history of each game (at least those that we will show next) looks quite terrifying and makes you get used to the main role, passing various tests and tasks. So to start exploring the world of horror games, pixel art horror is perfect. And of course they will come in handy if you are already tired of modern variations of scary games, because they really are a little similar to each other.

Scary Pixel Games

Judith (2013)


A short but busy scary pixel exploiting the Bluebeard story line. The main character meets his mistress at the gates of an abandoned old mansion, which isn’t very reputable to local residents. But this didn’t frighten the lovers at all, they don’t believe in bad omens and conversations about this house and enter it. Suddenly, the companion disappears, and the man begins to wander around this house in search of her. Eventually, he suddenly discovers a secret door, and behind it…

ImScared (2013)


An unusual game that is clearly different from all the others of the same genre and not only. It will play not only with your brain, but also with your PC! You may notice that the game may crash, slow down, sending you error messages. And this isn’t a problem. Was this intentional or not? Regardless, your computer will not be harmed. Your task now is to beware of the White Face. The original version of the game is pretty cool, but after the update was released in 2016, it became much more frightening and interesting. See for yourself!

Don’t Chat with Strangers (2017)

Don't Chat With Strangers

A good option for a psychological pixel horror game. It’s worth noting that the game has multiple endings, so you can try it a few times to see some of these interesting variations. The story of the game is as follows: the main character boots up his computer at night, and he starts a very unusual correspondence with a strange girl. Here only you will decide what will be the outcome of the game. What’s your ending?

Uncanny Valley (2015)

Uncanny Valley

It’s just a brilliant game. Surely, if it was decorated in a modern style, it would hardly be possible for many people to play it, given all the horror that it brings. But even in this format, it can really scare you. Have you ever wondered what you can love about a robot? Or that he will cut off your limbs? Is there a meaning in life? What can happen at night in the basement of an abandoned office at night? In this game you can become a guard of this mysterious place and answer these questions. Perhaps a simple fire extinguisher can save you, just use it for a different purpose. Good luck!

7 Days (2013)

7 Days

These 7 days in the game turns into a real 40 minutes. The main character you play wakes up in an old house, where the floors and walls are covered in blood. How did it happen and what happened? You will find out about this very soon, when Sam starts giving you scary notes to solve this mystery.

Dead End Road (2016)

Dead End Road

Perhaps, already with the name of the scary pixel art game, you have already guessed how the actions will take place. At the very beginning, you go to your grandmother, who promises to show you a very ancient and special ritual that will help you fulfill your every desire. And of course only the Devil will help with this. But in return for that, he wants to take your soul. After that, your task is to get to the place where everything will happen and on the way to acquire everything you need for the ritual. Of course, the path won’t be as easy as we would like, because you will encounter various visions and other distracting things. It is worth noting that even at these moments you should behave carefully on the road, because if you bump into something, you will have to start the game over.

The Count Lucanor (2016)

The Count Lucanor

Yes, in the first minutes you may think that this is child’s play and want to quit. But try playing a little more. Then you want to go through it a few more times. You will have to face blood, black magic, as well as running from monsters in the dark. And in the end, an incredibly difficult choice awaits you, which will be associated with your life and wealth. What choice will you make?

We are sure that you were interested in learning about these horror pixel games. We recommend that you try each one as they are unique and incredibly addictive. Reach the end of each one, because they are worth it. Try them now!

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