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Fortnite is not the first game that can be played from different platforms, but it is the most extensive and influential. Epic Games managed to bring together PC players, consoles, and even mobile devices in one place. In one game, Fortnite collects 100 fighters, which means they need to have a huge number of users to develop the game. However, at the moment, Fortnite has no problems with the number of players on any platform. The crossplay of Fortnite makes the game even easier to play with friends. You can play as a team with players on any platform without any problems.

There is an infinite amount of different content in Fortnite that is constantly updated and attracts players in different ways. What is worth this season, which has all the most popular superheroes. We are pushed to enjoy the team game, and Fortnite gives us all the opportunities to do so. It would be strange if someone had a question – does Fortnite have crossplay?

Fortnite Cross-Platform Multiplayer

play fortnite cross platform

For a long time, the game between different platforms was not available. Players of PS 4 and XBOX 360 were on different planets and could not play the same game together. Thank Fortnite for enabling cross-platform because now many more developers and projects support the game from different platforms. In fact, in the past, we couldn’t imagine that we would be able to play on a mobile phone with a PC. But now nothing prevents us from playing together under any conditions. In this respect, Fortnite has made a step forward.

Fortnite battle royale crossplay. Since you can play from almost any device, your progress will always be preserved. You can earn several levels by playing on a console or PC, and then play on the phone and all your progress will be preserved. So you will be able to get all awards of Battle Pass much faster.

How to Enable Cross-Platform on Fortnite

To start using the crossplay of Fortnite, you need to create an Epic Games account and add some friends. If you are a PC or cell phone user, then you have already passed this procedure, but the console user will have to do a couple of things. After you add friends, you will be able to choose a friend with a specific platform to play along with him.

How Does Fortnite Crossplay Work?

fortnite cross platform multiplayer

When you start the game alone, you don’t get players from random platforms. Epic has made everything so that players from one platform feel in the minority when playing against other people. This gives some advantages due to the different controls and conditions that each platform provides. After you get together in a group, the game itself will determine against which platforms you will play. This selection will be based on your best device in the group. The priority is obvious – PC, console, mobile phone.

The only disadvantage of cross-platform in Fornite is that it is not possible to communicate in a voice chat in the game with friends on different devices. Other programs, such as Discord, will help you do this.

Play more often in the group because this way you can develop faster. Fortnite is specially made to spend time with friends and train with them. Try to find friends with whom you can develop faster in the game and from whom you can learn a lot. Take advantage of all the opportunities that the game gives you. This way you will have more fun and a unique experience that will lead you to new acquaintances and achievements.

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