PlayStation Mobile Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently patented a PlayStation controller that is created specially for mobile games. After successfully publishing its games on PC, the company would probably like to try its hand at the most popular platform again. Many companies are porting their popular brands, and Microsoft even has an Xbox Cloud Gaming service that lets people play hundreds of the best classic games on their smartphones. The invention will resemble a DualShock 4 controller used with a smartphone to play via Remote Play or the cloud. There are two pictures that are associated with the patent. On the one, we can see a controller, and the other shows a connection to a device and a TV. The patent is divided into two, and the smartphone is located right in the middle. However, we still don’t know much information, including whether it will be connected over Bluetooth or USB-C.

In October, Nicola Sebastiani took a new position as a head of mobile operations. Now, the company is about to adapt its “most popular franchises” for mobile devices. But it`s important to remember that the publication of a patent doesn`t mean that the device will be realized.

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