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PUBG tips and tricks are very useful for novice players. Do you know why? Statistics have been compiled according to which exactly half of the players die in the first 10 minutes. This can be seen even by the number of players, usually, after 10 – 15 minutes, they become no more than 40 or 50. If you are one of those who die very quickly and want to get to the coveted top 10 players, then check out the helpful tips below.

If you have been playing PUBG for a long time and consider yourself a professional, then it is never too late to refresh your knowledge. What if you find something new for yourself? But for beginners, this PUBG help would be quite useful for survival and improving gaming abilities.

Try to Play Quietly and Calmly

As in the well-known proverb, you should be as inconspicuous and quiet as possible. Have you heard that they are shooting near you? Remember best PUBG tips: don’t shoot back and don’t start running. The best solution is to lie down or take shelter in a nearby building with open doors. If the enemy is running at some distance from you, then do not shoot while he is running perpendicular to you. You’ll most likely miss, and another player can kill you if he is experienced.

Close the Doors behind You

It is very important to close the door behind you when entering the house. This can help or protect you from many situations. If the enemy wants to run into the house, then you’ll hear the sound of the door opening, and you can leave the house through the window, just do not break. Also, the door can save you from enemy shots, who sit with a scope on a mountain or in a neighboring house.

Don’t Be Afraid to Strafe

If someone starts shooting at you, do not try to find and neutralize the enemy – he can kill you much faster than you find him. Instead, try to take cover: strafe strategy. Turn the mouse left and right simultaneously with the movement keys in the same direction. Chaotic movements are great PUBG hints and tricks.

Surprise Your Enemies in a Firefight

Surprise Your Enemies in a Firefight PUBG

If the enemy has taken cover and is sitting waiting for you, and you noticed this, then remember the prefire from Counter-Strike. Go out to the enemy with the mouse button held down. As for the 1v1 shootout or against multiple enemies, try to crouch after firing a few bullets. The enemy from such a maneuver can get lost, and you just finish it off.

Land in Desolate Places

How to get better at PUBG? If you spent a little time in the game, then when landing in densely populated areas, you may not even live up to 5 minutes of the game, since several more people would land there with you. And some of them can be the most agile and dexterous. As the saying goes, whoever is dissatisfied with little is unworthy of more. Better to miss something than to spend a few minutes in the game, is among the first losers to die.

Don’t Approach the Roads and Bridges

All paved roads in the game are better to run quickly than to try to overcome them by crawling. You can be an easy target for a sniper. This also includes bridges. If possible, then it is better not to approach the bridges and do not cross them by car, and even more so on foot.

Look Around

What did we say about carelessness and laziness? Some players are too lazy to close the doors behind them, while others are banal to look around. There is an alt key for this.

Listen to Every Rustle

Do not try to listen to your favorite songs while playing PUBG. This can work in World of Tanks, but not here. In this game, it is important to hear every rustle.

Transport Can Give You Away

Always remember that when you find a buggy or motorcycle, you must be aware that the transport would give you away. Yes, you’ll be fast and mobile. But if you drive up to a building, and there is an enemy in this building, then you can be in trouble. It is better to use a vehicle in the most extreme cases: when the zone is narrowed, and you do not have time to reach the life ring.

Try to Occupy the Highest Positions

PUBG tips

The best PUBG strategy is to sit high and look far away, but you shouldn’t be in the line of fire. If you have a sniper rifle in your backpack, then take a position in the circle in advance and shoot enemies running behind the zone from a distance.

Disassemble Loot as Quickly as Possible

Do not spend too much time disassembling equipment and weapons. While you are sorting out all this stuff, you can easily get shot. Disassemble the loot first on the first floor and then on the second. After the loot on the second floor is cleared, do not go down to the first floor again, but leave the house from the second floor. It’ll be more correct if you move erratically during the analysis of the loot.

Disable Voice Chat before Starting a Match

Why listen to inadequate ones when you can simply turn them off by pressing the CTRL + T key combination. But there are other hotkeys in the game:

• Delete (deletes the marker)

• + and –(autorun)

• 7 (large first aid kit)

• 8 (small first aid kit)

• 9 (bandage and item of reinforcement)

What to Do During a Bombing Raid?

PUBG Battlegrounds guide

Taking refuge in a house during a bombing raid is not a guarantee of security. When the bombardment begins (the area of ​​the map is highlighted in red) of a certain place on the map, if possible, then it is better to leave this place, since hiding in the building, you can still be hurt, especially on the second floor of the house.

Pick Up Pans and Helmets

The pan has saved 100 lives and thousands of asses, so it’s important to have it in your backpack and in your padded seat. And there is no doubt about the importance of helmets: for example, a level 3 special forces’ helmet would withstand one hit from an SKS or Kar98k.

Collect Scopes

PUBG pro-tips is that if you could not take care of finding 4x and 8x scopes in advance, then it would be difficult for you at the end of the game. Sights help not only in shooting but also in finding opponents.

The authors of the blog have collected the best and most useful Player Unknown Battlegrounds beginner tips. Try to practice and play more to gain experience. Do not despair if you get killed quickly, but just try to change tactics.

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