Icarus launching

A new project Icarus enters the computer games market. This game was inspired by the legendary Skyrim. RocketWerkz has created a truly addictive PvE survival game to give players a “Skyrim feel”. A great opportunity to try something new, basic for fans of this genre of games.

The developers declare that Icarus is a survival game in an alien world that wants to torture you and tear you apart. After such a description, it becomes clear that you’ll have to survive in almost hardcore mode.

RocketWerkz have already announced a release date for Icarus. We’ll be able to see their creation on December 4th. Several beta tests have been launched since August and players actively participated in them and offered something new for developers.

Icarus is already available on the Steam store for pre-order with a 10% discount expiring December 13th, so hurry up! Get ready to plunge into the fantasy world of survival in 2 days and experience nostalgia for Skyrim.

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