In the modern world, with the development of new technologies and opportunities, the number of games for smartphones has also increased. Along with this, the graphics have improved, new functions and capabilities have appeared that attract more and more gamers and those who like to spend their free time playing games. But still, not all manufacturers release a new unique product, to which there may be great interest and desire to download the application as soon as possible.

The same situation applies to racing. Almost all race games apps are the same and are no different from each other. BUT! We were able to find the best driving game apps that can surprise and make you play more and more.

Before proceeding with the selection of the best racing game apps, we will tell you about the essence of this type of game.

What Are Driving Game Apps?

Racing apps are games with imitation of driving a car, motorcycle, and other vehicles (in some games you can even ride a mammoth or other animals). Usually, the game is played in the first person, which makes the player the driver of the car. The main task in this game is to reach the finish line first of your rivals. In such games, of course, the real rules of movement are not taken into account, but only the rules of the game itself. In addition, the racing games app can be produced over the network, which makes it possible to play and compete with your friends.

These games are really addicting because they are interesting and give an adrenaline rush, given that cars usually move at high enough speeds. In addition to this, there is competition, which further increases the drive during the game. But how do you choose the exact game that can bring such feelings and emotions? We will help with this further.

Top Best Car Games on App Store and Android

And so, below we have presented a small list of free car racing apps. All of them can be quickly and easily downloaded from the play store on any phone. Some versions of these games will also be available for download on PC.

Horizon Chase – World Tour

race games apps

Although this game was released over a year ago, it still remains one of the best racing apps. It continues to be in the top games even with her special low-poly graphics, which may not please everyone.

This game has both retro versions of cars and more modern racing models. The length of the map with racing tracks is distributed throughout the continents of the Earth. The more victories, awards, and cups, the more new places you can open and keep playing. It is interesting to know that each location is unique and has its own beautiful places and features, which adds even more fun to the game.

Hot Wheels: Race Off

car race game app

We think everyone knows what it is. The developers of this game did their best and made a very addictive game with incredible and unexpected gameplay. Many people may think that this is an ordinary arcade game, which is no different from other offers on the market, but as they start to immerse themselves in the game more and more, they realize that they are dealing with an excellent racing trial. The main goal of the game is to overcome all the obstacles on the race track and come to the finish line first.

CSR Racing 2

driving game apps

This game can be confidently one of the most realistic racing for a smartphone that has ever been invented. In the official description of the game, it is noted that such spectacles are “painful” to look at. It’s understandable because the cars in the game crash very believably. Therefore, such events, as in life, will be very spectacular, but sometimes painful. It is also worth considering that these are not ordinary races, but drag racing. That is, the main task will be to pump the car to the maximum and switch gears on time.

We have also created a separate collection of paid best driving game apps for those who can pay a small amount while getting more fun and functions.


best racing apps

This game features the racing of the future. Here all the laws of gravity disappear and it becomes possible to perform beautiful pirouettes. The main goal of the game is to defeat all the best racers from the entire galaxy. Special fantastic tracks and several game modes won’t make you bored even for a minute, but will only add new colors to a normal day.


racing apps

This game is clearly different from all others in its endless race. The essence of the game is to drive as much and faster as possible, overcoming an interesting curving track and obstacles. There are several difficulty levels here as well, and the last and most difficult level will make you beat it.

Traffic Rider

free car racing apps

This game deservedly closes the best car race game app chart. It features first-person motorcycle races, so it won’t be hard to believe that you really are driving the bike yourself. It first ripped the oops of the best car game apps back in 2016, but even now it remains quite interesting. Moreover, the developers are constantly updating it, adding even more cool features. Here, too, the main goal is to overcome the track as quickly as possible and overcome obstacles on the way. In addition, you will receive even more bonus points if the maneuvers on the road will be cool and dangerous.

We are confident that you will play at least one of these games all the time, and frequent victories will give you the incentive to play even more. Enjoy your game and good mood!

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