rainbow six extraction

With the premiere of Rainbow Six Evacuation on Xbox and PC, gamers would face one of the toughest challenges ever, but they are not alone. The game would be available in the Xbox Game Pass library on launch day, so Xbox Game Pass members on consoles and PC would join the Elite Squad. They can help the operatives to fight the constantly evolving alien threat.

Already on January 20, 2022, on the day of the game’s premiere, subscribers can plunge into this intense, fun, and unpredictable co-op PvE experience alone or in a company of up to 3 players and take part in dynamic invasions. This is a tactical cooperative first-person shooter that brings players a completely new PvE experience.

But that’s not all! PC fans would be delighted to know that the new Rainbow Six Siege game would also be available in Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on January 20th. Console owners already have the opportunity to improve their tactical combat skills ahead of the release of Rainbow Six Evacuation, as a new version of the game is already available for them.

In addition, users who have played both Siege and Evacuation can get grandiose equipment from the United Front set. This is a very nice bonus that should never be missed. So if you have a console, be sure to run to play both sides of the game and grab the cool free gear!

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