What Is Red Dead Online

Since the servers of Red Dead Online are already at work, many gamers, having finished a single campaign, switched to multiplayer. In addition to collective fun, Red Dead Online also offers a storyline. Of course, it is not as extensive as in a single-player, but in any case, it is very interesting. We’ve put together some helpful Red Dead Online tips for newcomers to help you get started quickly. In this guide, you would learn what is Red Dead Online and do not forget that you cannot pause the game in multiplayer!

How to Start Red Dead Online?

As in the single game, in multiplayer your character can gain experience and grow in levels. Experience points are obtained in the same way as in RDR 2, and, as before, the fastest way to download is the execution of the scene and auxiliary squares.

Horse Insurance

It has become an interesting new introduction to the use of horses. The innovations have been added to the Wild West, and even while the input task of Red Dead Online is running, you’ll be offered to insure your horse. The function, by the way, is very useful, because the horse is not less important here than in a single game.

In principle, if the horse has died, it can in any case be recovered at the nearest stable. If the horse was insured, it would be returned free of charge. In a purely financial plan, it is more profitable to buy insurance in Red Dead Online, than to pay for the return of a horse from your own pocket every time.

Try to Collect Awards

How to Start Red Dead Online

If in Red Dead Redemption 2 you have already collected all the awards you wanted, in Red Dead Online you can do the same. The technique of obtaining the achievements has not changed at all – they stand out for many different actions, from the opening of new territories and the fulfillment of squares to the oxo, the murderer, and the opponent.

Earning Dollars in RD Online

It is important for readers of the Red Dead Online guide to understand that it is sad to exist in the Wild West without money. Even the maintenance of the gang’s lager in Red Dead Online requires a certain amount every day, not to mention the cost of ammunition, equipment and food. Fortunately, after completing the learning quest, you would be able to perform the quests, each time receiving ringing money. You can do them alone or in a group, but with one limitation – there should be no more than three people. Apparently, Red Dead Online limits the number of participants so as not to break the in-game balance.

Go to the assignments menu and click “Quick Join”. You can receive a reward by helping other players. Even a rich cowboy in RD Online won’t be able to immediately find top items from the in-game catalog.

The Right One Who Shoots First

As shown in the first days of the operation of the Red Dead Online servers, most of the gamers, when confronted with each other at once, open the fire at their disposal and do not know the basic tips and tricks on survival. You would often die in the game, despite the fact that in the large world Red Dead Online can be present for no more than 32 times. If the same 2 players are often bumping into a hot interplay with each other, Red Dead Online unlocks the experimental switch function.

In order for it to become available, it is necessary that one of the players kill the other at least 4 times. In this case, at the next moment, you’ll be able to start the “Conversation” by choosing one of the two options:

  • Diplomacy. Both characters would be placed in front of each other, and the weapon would be blocked. They have 10 minutes to win peacefully and come to a conclusion.
  • Enmity. 3 minutes PvP (classic deathmatch) would begin. There can only be one winner.

The turn function in Red Dead Online looks interesting, but there is little practical sense in it.

Ability Cards in Red Dead Online

Ability Cards in Red Dead Online

What to do with cards in Red Dead Online? You can strengthen many sides of your character with the help of special cards, the first of which you’ll get in the beginning. New cards can be purchased later, at $50 per piece. They also upgrade together with the growth of your level, even more enhancing the selected capabilities, and the action of cards in Red Dead can only be effective. All cards can be rolled from the first level to the third.

At the beginning, the slots for the cards would be a little, but as the level rises, their number can increase (at 10, 20, and 40 levels).

Separate attention is deserved by the map “Sharp Eye”, which in Red Dead Online modifies the ability of the Dead Eye. Since this is multiplayer, it is impossible to slow down the time, but cards for the “Dead Eye” are equally useful. So, one of them would allow you to mark targets in this mode, the other can increase the damage inflicted, and a third can regenerate the health of the machine when the power is activated.

The System of Honor

Just like in RDR 2, in multiplayer, overload is important. It is influenced by the most various actions, and only you decide who your hero will be – a gracious bandit or a bloodthirsty thug. The main Red Dead Online secret is that you can’t sit on two chairs at the same time, so boldly move along the chosen path.

Red Dead Online opens up access to various side-by-side missions. Positive prints, for example, would be able to take part in the fight against an attacked train bandit, and negative ones – to kill an offended criminal offender Both development paths have their pros and cons, but Red Dead Online gives you the freedom to make a choice.

The Gang Camp in Red Dead Online

All gamers who have played in a single mode in Red Dead Redemption 2 are familiar with the gang leader. In RD Online, all the players can learn about the habitat, and those of them who are in a squad with other characters would also have access to the general camp of the squad.

In Red Dead Online, as well as in the single-player, you can relax, bring yourself to order, and do some craft. The items in the catalog can also be delivered here, although, if desired, they can be obtained in the nearest post office. A weapon and some other things immediately fall into the inventory.

Red Dead Online Pvp Tips

red dead online tips

Wild West in Red Dead Online is much more dangerous than in a single game because other players can attack you from whatever urges they want to use. A delightful group of dashing cowboys can quickly overcome the desire to attack them, giving a push. There are two types of groups in Red Dead Online:

  • Temporary. Such a group can have up to 4 members at the same time, but if the leader leaves the game, he would be automatically reformatted.
  • Permanent. If you carry out analogies with the same MMORPG, the permanent group in Red Dead Online looks like a clan. It can contain seven people, and, despite the fact that when the leader leaves the game, the group also reformates. To create a permanent squad, you’ll have to split up a little.

The authors of the blog have made a Red Dead Online guide especially for beginners. Now you know how to start playing Red Dead Online easily and not make mistakes when leveling and exploring the world.

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