reddit ipo

Reddit is a platform that combines a forum and a social network where registered users can exchange experiences, discuss information, ask questions and receive answers. In a recent interview, Steve Huffman, CEO of the platform, reported a 192% increase in revenue. Therefore, the IPO filing in December 2021 was quite expected.

To reach a valuation of over $15 billion in March 2022, the platform turned to Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs for help. In August, the company was valued at $10 billion. Reddit fights hard for every penny earned in the shadow of Google and Facebook, regularly building ads, which allowed it to significantly increase revenue in the second quarter of 2021.

However, despite such a loud statement and ambitions, the number of offered shares and their price range is not yet known. Will these changes be reflected positively or negatively on the platform itself and its users? Share your opinion in the comments!

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