Reddit portal has launched beta testing of two Ethereum-based tokens. Participants of the forum dedicated to the cryptocurrency /r/Cryptocurrency and the game Fortnite /r/FortniteBR will be able to get free tokens $MOONS and $BRICKS.

According to the developers, these tokens can be used for sharing, voting, and encouraging creators of different content. This is an experiment in search of opportunities for interaction between users. Forum participants need to create their wallets where they can store tokens, spend and watch the rest to get the tokens.

“During the tests, tokens will be placed on the Rinkeby test site. They will be transferred to the main network Ethereum after the beta,” said Reddit.

The program will remain in beta until September this year. New tokens are stored locally at the users’ disposal and cannot be transferred without a private key. The platform has agreed to take over the payment of transaction fees between users for an indefinite time.

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