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Many people enter video games for excitement, to compete with others or to express their emotions. However, not everyone likes it the same way. Sometimes we just want to relax and be distracted. Fortunately, there are tons of great relaxing iPhone games for this, in which you don’t need to measure points against anyone, earn “lives” to continue playing, and so on. Let’s take a look at the top 12 best relaxation games.

Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey

relaxing games android

One of the best relaxing games on Android. Endless 2D runner. The player is skiing down the hill, avoiding obstacles in parallel and picking up various objects. Both parts stand out for their minimalistic visual style and smooth gameplay. For real meditation, there is a Zen mode that allows you to simply slide down the mountain, perform various tricks and admire the scenery without obstacles.

Monument Valley 1 and 2

relaxing mobile games

One of the most famous series of puzzles for mobile devices, in which nothing forces the player to complete levels except for a conventional plot. There are no points, achievements or time limits in this great relaxing phone game. Both parts are distinguished by excellent visual style and leisurely gameplay can definitely relax you.

I Love Hue and I Love Hue Too

best relaxing games android

In the first game, you mix colors to create an entire color palette. It consists of 900 levels without any restrictions. The sequel adds a geometric dimension along with an optional challenge system. In both parts, there are no microtransactions that interfere with the game.

My Oasis Season 2

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Leisurely best relaxing game for Android is about the creation of an island – a location can be turned from a wasteland into a prosperous corner of nature by populating it with animals and dotted with plants. The main advantage of the game is free access and unobtrusive microtransactions.


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Classic and best relaxing mobile game. The player needs to prune the tree until it is completely healthy. With swipes, you get rid of the branches, after which the tree begins to grow in that direction. There are 48 levels available, which are played with soothing music and do not rush you. Come into the game when it is convenient for you and take care of the tree.


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Open spaces are always relaxing, right? There is nothing colder than endless darkness and a huge vacuum, which is space itself. That is why the calming phone game Osmos relaxes and brings you into the semblance of nirvana. Your goal is simple enough, just absorb less things than you do. The gameplay itself is serene, but the real strength of Osmos lies in its sound design.


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You’ll plunge into an insanely beautiful meditative journey, philosophy and soft hints of history, hidden deep enough not to catch your eye and open only to the most thoughtful. Only this time we have not a desert, but mesmerizing underwater views, the ocean, cute fish and surprisingly plastic, even rhythmic movement around the game world.


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In this relaxing and fun mobile game, the user needs to transform objects into others with the help of light and shadow. In total, the game has more than 100 levels, during which you can enjoy a picture that is very good for mobile games and a leisurely gameplay.

Tiny Sheep

Tiny Sheep

One of the most famous and high-quality farm games, where the player is invited to establish his own farm, while fishing and completing other quests. Tiny Sheep has elements of life simulation in which there is no rush.



Another atmospheric puzzle game that can help you relax. This chill mobile game has no points, statistics, training, movement counter or other in-game constraints. The gameplay of the project is a classic puzzle: several shapes need to be rearranged in the correct order. In addition, there is a pretty nice soundtrack here.

Sky: Children of the Light

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Sky: Children of the Light – cute relaxing phone game from the third person in the arcade adventure genre. Journey has created a wonderful game world in which the player must complete a difficult task, namely, to bring the stars home. Heroes get tremendous opportunities to collect parts of the world, fly and much more. And at the same time there is an opportunity to unite in small groups to achieve a common goal.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Meditative, very meticulous and infinitely cute farming simulator, made in four years by just one person. You clear a plot of weeds, dig, sow, go to the city to trade and communicate with the locals, start a family, expand your household, equip and complete a house, craft all kinds of things – there is always a lot of work. Most relaxing mobile game in cute pixel art with soulful music.

The authors of the blog tried not to include boring projects or something that won’t interest you at all. Our top 12 relaxing mobile games are designed to help you reduce stress and just be distracted by the beautiful worlds and gameplay. Don’t stress, just go to one of these games and relax.

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