Add-On Legacy Of The Sith In The Old Republic

Electronic Arts and BioWare recently brought some great news to players. They announced that on December 14, the Legacy of the Sith addition for the game Star Wars: The Old Republic will come out. The Legacy of the Sith launch is timed to coincide with The Old Republic’s 10th anniversary, which would continue to be celebrated throughout 2022. In the update, we’ll learn about the apostate Sith Darth Malgus. Some new features and quests would also be added.

The announcement was broadcast live by the developers of SWTOR and they shared the details of the future update, specifically about the storyline with Darth Malgus and combat abilities that can diversify the gameplay. The update also has a number of high-quality visual improvements.

Release of a DLC Legacy of the Sith for Star Wars

The storyline in the Legacy of the Sith update is known to be a continuation of the main events in the Star Wars universe. Players will be sent to a new planetary defense that has enormous strategic value for the faction we choose at the beginning. The add-on would present new story content and co-op missions that would challenge fans of the game.

A new ability to choose combat abilities available to all classes, starting from the first level, and not from the tenth one, would become available. This feature would greatly simplify research and development in the game, because from the very start you’ll have access to various skills. The update promises to be very exciting and full of new content that gamers have been waiting for.

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