How To Share League Replays?

Did you have an incredible game or showed your opponents how to score goals correctly? Surely you now want to share this moment with your friends, or even show it to all players via YouTube. How often has it happened to you that you did an incredible “epic save” or did “Aerial” score a crazy goal, but after a special euphoria realized that they forgot to save these moments? It’s a shame, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you haven’t lost anything anyway, because it isn’t deleted immediately in the game. Let’s take a look at where these videos go and what you can do with them. We are sure you will want to do this especially if you recently had incredible moments while playing!

How To Record Rocket League Replays?

Let’s explain from the outset that the Rocket League save replay is done automatically after each of your matches. Also, after the game is over, you can tell the game that you want to save the game replay. This will allow you to haven’t only great goals and some chances after the game, but also the whole match won. This option appears in your menu on the team players’ scoreboard. Now we have to move on to explaining the Rocket League save file location in order to proceed with other actions with the files you need from your recent games.

Where Are Rocket League Replays Saved?

And so, to find out the Rocket League replay location, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the main menu by selecting the “Add-ons” tab;
  • Go to Replays and select the files you want to capture your special moments.

If you play via PC, the Rocket League save location is done in this folder:% USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Demos.

Yes, videos of your entire matches and special moments aren’t saved here, but data about it is saved. Thus, if you want to download a particular file, the game will recreate all the events that you produced. Thus, the game takes up significantly less space than if your full videos of each game were stored.

How To Edit Rocket League Replays?

How To Record Rocket League Replays?

The easiest way to edit the desired video will be to record several moments you need from a PC video and simply glue it all into one video using any video editor convenient for you. Yes, maybe it can take you a lot of time to first capture these moments and then decorate them beautifully, but this will make it easier for you to manage individual moments.

In addition, the Rocket League replay editor is executed when you highlight the menu item for the replay function. A corresponding window will appear. But on the game store page nothing was mentioned editing replays. Therefore, at the moment, it would be better to use third-party editors.

How To Share League Replays?

Now we will share the easiest way to share Rocket League replays that you can always use. When your match is over, the usual window with the results of all players will appear on your screen. There you can also work with the repetition of this game by giving it a special name. It can be of some kind. If you save some special moment of the game, then for a better understanding and easier search, it is better to write down the time, the action taken, and the name of the player who performed it. Or, if you have a specific goal, name a piece of the video that way.

The next step is Rocket League share replay with your friend, you need to find the file on your computer. And so, we have already said where your videos are stored. Go to this folder and find videos with “.replay extension” permissions. This makes it much more difficult to confuse these fragments of your matches with other photos or details. You can transfer the file you need or several of them through any storage you have. But even so, we will recommend that you use exactly

It’s very easy to use. There will be a separate button by clicking on which your video will be uploaded to this site. Then, in the window that appears, enter the location of the file (you can just copy the link). And that’s all! Further, the site itself will do all the work for you. In addition, you will be able to watch not only the match but also the corresponding game statistics, the exact time of goals scored, as well as the names of those who did it.

We are sure that this information has become useful to you and you will surely use it soon. We recommend that you perform all actions slowly so as not to make a mistake and to better fill in all your steps. Good luck!

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