Samsung One UI Book 4

Samsung announced a new One UI Book 4 for Windows and showed a promotional video. We can see that this mobile has gone far beyond the scope and now we can change the look of the operating system and Windows applications.

Very soon, this app would be available not only for smartphones, but also for Windows. But why should you install One UI Book 4? The program can change the familiar look of the system and offer users a similar visual experience for phones and computers.

Let’s find out what exactly the app would change on the devices. There would be new designs for applications such as Samsung Notes, Samsung Gallery and Samsung Settings. As for Samsung Settings, it has been completely redesigned to work comfortably on Windows 11, as their designs must match each other. In the Samsung Notes app, One UI Book 4 would change the layout of the menu, icons, and folders to a completely new one. And the last app that has been affected by the One UI 4 changes is Samsung Gallery, a dark mode that matches the themes of Windows 11 was added.

One UI Book 4 for Windows and smartphones would be available by the end of 2021. It is possible that Samsung would make it possible to install a design change app on other third-party computers.

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