scorn game postponed

Ebb Software has apologized for inappropriate communication with the sponsors of the Scorn Kickstarter project. This incident upset fans and they in turn started asking for the money they had previously invested to support the game on the crowdfunding platform.

It all started with the fact that quite recently on the Kickstarter platform, the company published a message addressed to the sponsors of the game. Ebb Software informed the gaming community about the current situation. But the unexpected happened – this message caused a wave of negativity and requests for a refund.

What was this message about? It said that the release of the game, unfortunately, was postponed until 2022, but that was not the problem. Players didn’t like the tone of this message.

As a result, the CEO of Ebb Software had to react quickly and apologize. He also promised to release an update and fix existing problems. Ebb Software kept their promise and released a new sponsor update, apologizing for the imperfect communication and promising to be more open with the gaming community in the future.

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