Shadow Of The Colossus Release

After so many years, the official release of the Shadow Of The Colossus tribute has finally taken place. Most of all, it was not inspired by the game itself, but by the fans’ attempt to create their own original version and they did it very well. They even used the phrase “you must survive the colossal dangers that you encounter” in the ad.

It all started with the tribute developers running a successful Kickstarter campaign, but something unexpected happened. Bethesda publishers took notice of the word “Prey” that was used in the title and demanded that the name of the tribute be changed. As a result, the developers still had to change the name, because Bethesda had its game already in the development stage and released it the same year.

It was a bit of an unexpected and absurd step, but it was a necessary measure. Each developer must legally protect their right to be unique and not allow others to use the same. It all ended with the developers of No Matter not having enough cash to fight back Bethesda and defend the name of the game. They came to a compromise and decided to keep the logo, but the name became: “Praey For The Gods”. As you can see, the developers simply added the letter “A” in the middle of the word.

After this incident, the project disappeared for 2 years and just recently reappeared with good news. The developers have announced that the game is ready and awaiting its release on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox One. In the screenshots, we can see excellent graphics and nice color correction in cool colors. The game is expected to be very exciting and ambitious.

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