Free Maki Rolls To Players with Arataki Itto

The second part of update 2.4 has started in Genshin Impact. This update is going to be very action-packed and includes some interesting battle events, as well as the long-awaited five-star hero.

Meet Arataki Itto, a new legendary character. Itto wields the element Geo and claymore. A test run for Itto is already available and you can test this character, and also make sure how strong he is. When using elemental skill, Arataki Itto summons a small bull that sways cutely from side to side. When Itto enters the ultimate ability, we see an epic animation of the appearance of his demon Oni essence, and after that, Itto’s weapon takes on a different shape. With the ultimate ability, all Itto’s defense indicators are converted into attack power and he begins to inflict huge damage on enemies.

The next character in the banner is Gorou, the general of Watatsumi Island! Gorou is a Geo four-star character and he is an archer. He is great for playing with Arataki Itto in the same squad. Goro’s main role is to increase Geo damage and buff the entire team. Excellent support for all Geo DDs. He also has very cute ears and a tail, and when using the elemental skill, Gorou summons a small dog.

banner is Gorou

Have you heard about a restaurant in Malaysia offering free food if you show them that you got Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact? You do not need to have any specific assembly of artifacts or weapons for Itto, you just need to get him from Wish. By showing Itto on your smartphone or laptop, you can get a California Maki roll called Itto for free.

If you liked the description of the character or how he looks, then hurry to Genshin Impact and try your luck in Wishes.

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