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The Sims 4 challenges are a great way to shake up the gameplay and discover parts of The Sims that tend to be overshadowed. Challenges have long been a part of the game’s fan community since the second part of the franchise. They have their own rules, themes and requirements. Some of them take place over several generations of characters, while others only as part of a single Sim’s life. Our list of Sims 4 challenges contains only the most interesting and top challenges, let’s get down to their review.

Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge House

sims 4 cas challenges

The 100 Kids Challenge has also become a classic in The Sims community. The challenge is for one character to have 100 offspring.

There are several variations on this test that either make it a little easier or more difficult. A simpler option is to “stretch” the challenge over several generations, when the heroine’s daughters can continue her endeavors. If you want to complicate the quest, then the mother is forbidden to go to work, and also from one man is allowed to have only one child (or twins, triplets, if the random decided so).

Your Own Bakery Challenge

sims 4 short challenges

Different Sims have their own dreams. Yours, for example, wanted to have your own bakery to delight the townspeople with delicious and fresh pastries every day. Why not? Just be warned in advance, this one of the best Sims 4 challenges is for real workaholic sims!

Sims 4 Challenge Disney Princess

Sims 4 Challenge Disney Princess

The Disney Princess Challenge is another variation on the Dynasties theme. Each generation tells its own story based on different Disney princesses.

This challenge is fun because it has a lot of story potential. I want not only to create a dynasty, but also to act out my princess, and this helps to relate to limitations with understanding. Ten generations of Disney style give The Sims 4 fans dozens of fun hours of play.

Decades Challenge Sims 4 CC

sims 4 challenges base game

Decades are something like a combination of Dynasty and Offline challenges. This test consists of ten generations, each of which represents its own decade.

Most versions of this Sims 4 story challenge start in the 1890s, which means the player would have to live without electricity and water for the first three generations or so. Each generation must dress in the style of their decade and build and decorate their homes accordingly. It’s amazing how creative Simmers are with this challenge and how much the game helps them to get through this challenge in a fun way. Definitely the best challenge for history fans!

Challenge Leave the Game On for a Week of Playing Time

The recently popular Sims 4 short challenge. All you need to do is save, start the game with your beloved family and note, for example, an hour of real time. The trick is to see what the Sims do without your supervision. You can clean the apartment, do your homework, or even go for a walk, and the game will go on all the time. Then come back and see what happened to your characters and whether they are alive at all. This is most likely the first challenge in the top of easy Sims 4 challenges, because you don’t have to do absolutely anything, just wait and mind your own business.

Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

sims 4 zodiac challenge

Each generation of Sims is one zodiac sign. But at the same time, everyone has their own requirements for careers, characters, tasks. The requirements themselves are not many, but it takes a long time to fulfill them.

Each generation starts with 1,000 Simoleons on a budget. The house can be anything and its properties too. Each zodiac sign has its own color (hair, clothing items, etc.). You can log into CAS at any time, you can use CC. Each Sim must complete a Life Purpose. Each generation has at least two children, except for the heir. One child should be named after the next zodiac sign, and this is the Sim you’ll play with in the next generation. You can marry any person of your choice, but you cannot control that Sim or your children who are not named after the next zodiac sign. Pets are required for any 10 characters. In this one of the best Sims 4 CAS challenges, you can further expand the rules of each generation, but strictly follow what is.

Pedigree of Pets Challenge

If you are a connoisseur of The Sims 4, then you know how to play the dynasty, at least roughly. This is when you continue the lineage of your favorite characters. That is, there lived Bella and Mortimer Goth – the first generation. They had a son – the heir of the Goth clan in the second generation. The son got married and moved, he had children – this is the third generation. Etc. Experienced players believe that the correct dynasty should be at least 10 generations. And if everything is clear with people, then how about arranging such a dynasty for your pets? Is it weak to make your Sim dynasty’s great-great-great-grandchildren look after great-great-great-grandchildren, for example, the cat dynasty?

Asylum Challenge Sims 4

how to play challenges on sims 4

A bit of a brutal challenge for your Sims, because the point is to play them against themselves. You need to build a small hideout and put five Sims in it. Every Sim must have the Madness trait. The rest of the character traits must be chosen at random, but the Overconfidence trait must not be selected – this can ruin the whole challenge. Pick one Leader Sim to be in control and try to get them to achieve their Aspiration. After all five Sims leave the hideout – this Sims 4 challenge for 1 player would be completed.

Challenge Until Death Do Us Part

Your Sim lived a happy life, met a soul mate and even got married. But bad luck, the love of all life suddenly dies. What should the unfortunate, grief-stricken Sim do now? Of course, looking for a replacement and that’s where the game begins. Your task is to connect the fate of the main character with as many townspeople or NPCs as possible. And outlive them all, trying to find an “ideal” partner and “accidentally” send the annoying present one to the next world.

Sims 4 Wicked Whims Challenge

Sims 4 Wicked Whims Challenge

The challenge is based on the fact that four volunteer enthusiasts decided to found their settlement, free from oppressive civilization and its outdated moral foundations. For the challenge, you’ll need the Wicked Whims mod, a mod for a large number of characters in the family and the Island Life add-on.

For this Sims 4 interesting, but not quick challenge, create a family of four young Sims: two girls and two guys. Do not expose the relationship between them, so you’ll have to develop a romantic relationship between the characters from scratch. When creating characters, it is forbidden to give them the character trait Fickle and Dislikes children. In WW settings, allow polyamorous and polygamy, incest, teenage relationships, but leave jealousy. Possibility of getting pregnant line up depending on the menstrual cycle.

You should strive to ensure that ALL members of the settlement are married to each other. Their desire to get married should be completely sincere and mutual – and therefore it is forbidden to use codes here. Though thorny and full of difficulties, when the settlement reaches the number of 30 married characters, then this Sims 4 horny gameplay challenge is considered completed.

Challenge Black Widow

Very interesting Sims 4 challenge Black Widow is a story about romance and money. Players create a young or adult female Sim and place her in the house. She is not allowed to take a job. All her money must come from suitors.

The goal of the challenge is to find a male sim, preferably a wealthy one, and marry him. Have a dinner party, find your next lover, get caught cheating and kill your husband. The cycle continues until the black widow outlives ten lovers and becomes fabulously wealthy. As a bonus requirement, the sim must have the Practical, Skeptic, and Romantic traits. Only Serial Romance is allowed to be chosen as a life goal.

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Challenge

new sims 4 challenges

The goal of this challenge is to live off the gifts of nature and build the legacy of your dreams. It is also necessary to build a museum on your estate, where all collections would be presented.

In this new sims 4 challenge create two sims with any traits and goals in life. They can be in any relationship: be husband and wife, sisters, brothers, or roommates. Any aspirations that would require you to get a job should be avoided. Sims should not be allowed to have traditional careers, so keep that in mind.

What do you need to have on your site? A large garden full of various plants. Create a museum in a separate space on the site where all the exhibits from your collection can be accommodated. Build a house for a total cost of 350,000 Simoleons. The authors of the blog have presented you with the top 12 best and most interesting Sims 4 challenges 2021. Even a beginner can complete these challenges, because they are not so hard! If you are interested in how to play challenges on Sims 4, then we tried to add a little more specificity to each challenge review.

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