The Sims 4 DLC Season

The cult game The Sims 4 never ceases to delight fans. This time in the fall of 2021, the creators will delight us with new DLCs.

In “The Season of Selves” there will be 3 global kits and 1 new build kit, these additions would help you to explore the Sim. Already today, two DLCs are available in the game under the names. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

These sets are dedicated to the fashion and style of two cities: Seoul and Mumbai. Let’s take them apart and find out what each DLC is.

The Incheon Arrivals Kit was inspired by South Korea and Incheon International Airport. There are gardens, remarkable architecture, shops, a museum and even a large ice rink in Incheon. This place is perfect for getting to know the culture of the country right upon arrival. Incheon Arrivals Kit includes incredibly beautiful and attractive Korean-style Sim clothing.

Sims 4 The Season Of Selves

Fashion Street Kit, in turn, drew inspiration from India, namely Mumbai. The costumes in this addition are made of bright fabrics with different prints and handmade splashes. Looking at these styles, everything is replete with colors and Indian flavor.

Kits are available to download from the Xbox Store for £4.99. Dress your Sims in beautiful and unique outfits from different cultures.

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