Many companies are using digital technology to help gadget owners in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The new Siri Virtual Assistant feature allows you to see the symptoms of COVID-19 and perform a preliminary diagnosis of the disease in order to get medical help on time. The list of functions of the Siri voice assistant has been supplemented by a questionnaire that will help owners of iOS devices to recognize possible symptoms of the disease.

With the “Do I have a Coronavirus” command the virtual assistant will provide a list of questions you need to answer according to the options available on the screen. Siri will first clarify whether a user has symptoms such as fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath.

A number of clarifying questions will follow about dizziness, difficulty breathing, and chest pain if the “patient” has difficulty determining their condition. If confirmed, Siri will also suggest contacting a doctor and recalling specialized “medical” applications.

If the user does not have the above symptoms, the digital assistant will recommend staying at home and asking for help in case of the slightest indisposition. The function works in the U.S. now. In other regions on a similar request, Siri sends the owner of the gadget to the World Health Organization website.

Johnson & Johnson will release the coronavirus vaccine, read more about it in our article.

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