Bethesda is celebrating 10 years of Skyrim and has released a Skyrim Anniversary Edition trailer that can fuel players for a big comeback for the iconic game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released on November 11, 2011. The creators decided to celebrate this grand event, and on the same day, 10 years later, the sensational Skyrim Anniversary Edition would be released.

What exactly will gamers be able to see in the new version of the Skyrim game?  From the trailer it became known that the developers will delight with a large number of innovations: armor, various items, interesting quests and much more.  In addition, 75 mods would also be added, but after release, only 48 mods would be available, and the remaining 27 would be added later.

How much would the anniversary version of Skyrim cost players?  For those who have not previously purchased Skyrim, the new version would cost $49.99. A little more fortunate for those who previously bought the Skyrim game, because in order to update their version to Anniversary you’ll have to pay only $19.99

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